Your style is... NT - The Style Strategist

You take a systems approach to style based on big ideas, creating an accomplished look

The four style types who prefer iNtuition and Thinking are

The Independent Stylist, INTJ: The Style Scientist

The Standout Stylist, ENTJ: The Style Powerhouse

The Complex Stylist, INTP: The Style Theorist

The Enterprising Stylist, ENTP: The Style Chameleon

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Common Catalysts for the Style Strategist to Become Interested in Style

The four Style Strategist style types often come to style through a prompt, a shove, a jolt—a mobilizing agent or force that pushes them into the style arena. Perhaps it’s a comment from a boss that their style is letting them down and preventing them from getting ahead, perhaps it’s the harsh feedback provided by a photograph that they don’t look as good as they want to.

Style for Style Strategists is not often ‘natural’ in the way it is for some other Super Styles. Their interest has been prompted from elsewhere, from a quarter that impels them to take an interest in style, without which they may never have started on their style journey or gotten very far along it.

But once the Style Strategist is on board with the idea that style must be addressed, she will want to be competent at it at whatever level she chooses.

Her interest may run deep and wide, with her natural curiosity taking her deeper into style territory, wanting to know why style works the way it does; or it may be something she employs competently to support other more interesting pursuits and projects.

"So who are the masterminds behind the 16 Style Types?" Let's tell you more

Hey there, and welcome – We’re Jill, Jane and Imogen 👋 We are style and psychological type obsessed and spent 3 years researching and developing the 16 Style Types as we knew there had to be a relationship between your style and your psychological (personality/Myers Briggs) type.
Let us ask you something: have you ever swung open your closet doors to pick out a head-turning outfit only to stop short like “What the heck – I literally have nothing to wear.” Yeah, we’ve all been there…

Style should be authentic to you and your personality. It needs to work for your life. Style is not fashion and we don’t want you following fashion trends for the sake of it hoping that it will make you look stylish and feel confident. We know that’s a recipe for wasting money on clothes you never wear.

Instead, we want you to take a whole new approach, because we know when you understand how your personality influences your approach to style you can cut through the fashion fluff and really start developing your authentic style.

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