Your style is... SF - The Style Aesthetician

You take an artistic, detailed approach to style, creating a welcoming, friendly look

The four style types who prefer Sensing and Feeling are:

The Harmonious Stylist, ISFJ: The Style Friend

The Charming Stylist, ESFJ: The Style Adviser

The Whimsical Stylist, ISFP: The Style Artisan

The Vivacious Stylist, ESFP: The Style Celebrator

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The Style Aesthetician SF Approach to Style

The four Style Aesthetician style types come to style, often at a young age, with a natural interest in aesthetics. Note that this interest is often inspired by mothers, grandmothers, sisters, peer or social groups—there is always a “relationship” element to style for SFs.

The Style Aesthetician’s interest in style is deeply personal. In some respects, this is the most ‘natural’ of the four Super Styles, being prompted internally rather than by an external drive for an outcome.

The Style Aesthetician’s interest in style often starts with no particular purpose in mind; style is simply fun and interesting. There’s also some preening involved, and an ‘outward focus’ (including for the two Introverted style types) here: how others view them and appreciate their style and their aesthetic expression, is often part of the picture – not so much to impress, but from a relationship perspective, to relate to others and have them relate to the Style Aesthetician .

The Style Aesthetician’s style is defined by a thorough and detailed attention to color, textures, style trends and personal taste, presenting oneself as a welcoming woman of style.

It’s taking a playful yet artistic approach to style and the aesthetic, and often in many areas, not just personal style – home styling and décor for example.

"So who are the masterminds behind the 16 Style Types?" Let's tell you more

Hey there, and welcome – We’re Jill, Jane and Imogen 👋 We are style and psychological type obsessed and spent 3 years researching and developing the 16 Style Types as we knew there had to be a relationship between your style and your psychological (personality/Myers Briggs) type.
Let us ask you something: have you ever swung open your closet doors to pick out a head-turning outfit only to stop short like “What the heck – I literally have nothing to wear.” Yeah, we’ve all been there…

Style should be authentic to you and your personality. It needs to work for your life. Style is not fashion and we don’t want you following fashion trends for the sake of it hoping that it will make you look stylish and feel confident. We know that’s a recipe for wasting money on clothes you never wear.

Instead, we want you to take a whole new approach, because we know when you understand how your personality influences your approach to style you can cut through the fashion fluff and really start developing your authentic style.

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