Your style is... NF - The Style Dreamer

You take a values approach to style, creating a unique look congruent with principles

The four style types who prefer iNtuition and Feeling (NF) are

The Subtle Stylist, INFJ: The Style Enigma

The Expressive Stylist, ENFJ: The Style Connector

The Eclectic Stylist, INFP: The Style Original

The Charismatic Stylist, ENFP: The Style Inspirer

How the Style Dreamer Comes to Style

The four Style Dreamer style types come to style through an interest, however oblique, in art and the artistic, and a desire to express their uniqueness. Their interest in style is quite natural in the sense that it isn’t externally prompted or driven by a need to achieve an outcome (although that may come into the picture later) or to present a particular image to the world.

The Style Dreamers interest in style may start as a completely self-oriented pursuit; it’s inwardly prompted with an outward expression, and is about nourishing one’s inner core. Often accompanying this is a subtle independence – not particularly caring what others think about their style (unlike most of the Style Aestheticians who do care).

The Style Dreamer style may be guided by a desire to connect more authentically with others, to balance the need for unique self-expression with the needs of others and/or the need to communicate more clearly what they are contributing.

This is where the Style Dreamer style journey can take a turn: realizing that their strikingly authentic and values-oriented approach may be getting in the way, that they are not coming across in the way they want to.

"So who are the masterminds behind the 16 Style Types?" Let's tell you more

Hey there, and welcome – We’re Jill, Jane and Imogen 👋 We are style and psychological type obsessed and spent 3 years researching and developing the 16 Style Types as we knew there had to be a relationship between your style and your psychological (personality/Myers Briggs) type.
Let us ask you something: have you ever swung open your closet doors to pick out a head-turning outfit only to stop short like “What the heck – I literally have nothing to wear.” Yeah, we’ve all been there…

Style should be authentic to you and your personality. It needs to work for your life. Style is not fashion and we don’t want you following fashion trends for the sake of it hoping that it will make you look stylish and feel confident. We know that’s a recipe for wasting money on clothes you never wear.

Instead, we want you to take a whole new approach, because we know when you understand how your personality influences your approach to style you can cut through the fashion fluff and really start developing your authentic style.

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