Your style is... ST- The Style Pragmatist

You take a pragmatic approach to style based on basics, creating a utilitarian look

The four style types who prefer Sensing and Thinking are:

The Appropriate Stylist, ISTJ: The Style Organizer

The Effective Stylist, ESTJ: The Style Traditionalist

The Individualist Stylist, ISTP: The Style Maverick

The Resourceful Stylist, ESTP: The Style Explorer

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What Makes the Style Pragmatist Pay Attention to Style?

Style Pragmatists are often drawn to paying attention to their style when they realize it’s a necessary factor to achieve goals or outcomes, especially in important areas such as career.

Style Pragmatists are on the move, they are going places (often at a quick pace – they can be hard to keep up with). Style can be identified as another vehicle in an armory of vehicles to get where they need to go. Style is a necessity, it’s a requirement, it’s a factor of some significance in their overall plan.

Style is rarely going to be a big interest in and of itself, it simply isn’t as interesting to the Style Pragmatist as it is to some other Super Styles. But once they identify it as an important tool, they will use style to advance their own priorities (goals, outcomes, success).

Underlying the Style Pragmatist efforts to be more stylish is a need to present a polished presence, perhaps to impress, to persuade, or to be appropriate. The Style Pragmatist style approach is not necessarily showy, it’s often too pragmatic for that, but it can be precise, smooth and convincing.

"So who are the masterminds behind the 16 Style Types?" Let's tell you more

Hey there, and welcome – We’re Jill, Jane and Imogen 👋 We are style and psychological type obsessed and spent 3 years researching and developing the 16 Style Types as we knew there had to be a relationship between your style and your psychological (personality/Myers Briggs) type.
Let us ask you something: have you ever swung open your closet doors to pick out a head-turning outfit only to stop short like “What the heck – I literally have nothing to wear.” Yeah, we’ve all been there…

Style should be authentic to you and your personality. It needs to work for your life. Style is not fashion and we don’t want you following fashion trends for the sake of it hoping that it will make you look stylish and feel confident. We know that’s a recipe for wasting money on clothes you never wear.

Instead, we want you to take a whole new approach, because we know when you understand how your personality influences your approach to style you can cut through the fashion fluff and really start developing your authentic style.

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