Video 1: Your Super Style Dos

Discover Your Super Style Your Super Style strengths and gifts – those style dos. Watch below to find out where you the Super Style has their style strengths and what you should keep on doing.


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Video 2: Your Super Style Don’ts

Watch below to find out how your Super Style is sabotaging your style

  • Your speedbumps 

  • Your blindspots

  • 3 Questions to answer that will help you improve your style based on your Super Style  

Video 3: Discover The 4 Style Types within Your Super Style

  • Each Style Types Motivations

  • Their Approach to Style Rules

  • How to Shop successfully for your Style Type

  • How to keep improving your style by diving deep into your Style Type

Beyond Style: Discover YOUR type of style by unlocking the magic of your personality

This online program is for every woman who is tired of feeling inauthentic in her style.  Who wants to feel stylish on the inside as well as look fabulous on the outside.  Who knows that style is more than skin deep. Whether you’re new to Psychological Type or an experienced practitioner, whether you’re naturally drawn to style or often feel clueless about what to wear, you will find this program takes you by the hand and leads you down your authentic style pathway.

Here’s everything included in your programs

Keen to know the enormous value you’ll get in this program?  Let’s sum it up. This 12 Module program has taken over 4 years to develop and many decades of experience working with these concepts with clients in both the Psychological Type and image consulting fields.  We’ve distilled, refined, and packaged all this experience and expertise for you in an easy-to-follow format that gets results.

12 in-depth interactive Modules combining style and personality in a unique, powerful, and intelligent way

Bonus Resources – Your Style Type Report, Finding Your Best Fit webinar, and 16 Types masterclass webinar

Monthly Q&A Zoom Calls with Jill and Imogen where your questions are answered

An instant global community – this community will provide support, encouragement, and insights into your Style Type as you progress through the Modules. The community element of this program is amazing and the more you share, the faster your style will develop and grow

Learning Needs for the 16 Style Types – this amazing resource will help you understand your own learning preferences and how they may come into play during this highly interactive online program

Lifetime access to the program materials and any new materials that we develop into the future

NF Client Testimonials

"One of my biggest takeaways from 16 Style types is that everything that I've experienced regarding what I wear finally makes sense! I now have an answer for every time someone started a sentence with 'why can't you just...' being asked to wear something I don't like - a uniform, professional attire, a dress code - like makes me feel like people are trying to erase my personality."
"Identifying my personality preferences was key and not something that I had truly understood until I went through this in-depth and personalized program. Understanding myself and how my decision making process works continues to be beneficial across all aspects of my life. Specific to style choices through an ENFJ lens I realize that I am driven by feelings, both mine and those around me."
"My takeaway is I understand why I've never wanted to blend in. Why I avoid popular trends. Why I prefer messy, casual hair and clunky, comfortable shoes to stylish ones. It's because I don't follow the crowd. I like an authentic, eclectic look. When I get it right, I'm on top of the world. And it doesn't matter to me whether others understand what I'm doing there."
"This program is intense. There's a lot of exploration. But the deeper I was willing to look, the more I understood about myself, how I relate to the world around me, and all the different ways I've found to express my personality throughout my life. It's illuminating! The programme has been worth its weight in gold."
"Shifted my emphasis from items to outfits, from what is ‘out there’ in shops and style blogs to ‘In there’ - what makes me happy, what feels like me when I wear it and how to get that look, what suits me and my lifestyle, and how I can work with the clothes I have what might make a difference."
"The strengths and challenges listed in the program are spot on, and help explain why we often butt heads with the more fastidious, detail-oriented personality types in our lives: we go by 'feel' instead of 'rules'. This was the first time I'd analyzed that in depth, and I wouldn't have been able to put it into words before I did this program."

Style is never skin deep – true style goes right to the heart of who you are

Which is why we’re inviting you to join this unique world-class online program, Your Type of Style. We’ll help you fast-track your personal style, achieve an authentic and inspiring wardrobe and save you years of expensive trial and error. Discovering your Style Type is like opening a door into a space you never even knew existed – life is often never the same again, it’s that transformative.  Type offers an extraordinary opportunity to discover yourself and discover about yourself.  It’s a gift of extraordinary proportions, and after you’ve been using Type in your interactions and relationships for a while, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it – it’s life changing.

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