Beyond Style:  Discover YOUR type of style by unlocking the magic of your personality

This online program is for every woman who is tired of feeling inauthentic in her style.  Who wants to feel stylish on the inside as well as look fabulous on the outside.  Who knows that style is more than skin deep.

What is Your Type of Style?

This is a world-class world-first program integrating style and personality in an intelligent way. Undertaken completely online over 12 months, the 12-Module program gives you a step-by-step path to guide you to discover your authentic style. This is an outstanding program of exceptional quality using leading educational design principles.

The program is designed and created by Jill Chivers, a psychological type expert and master training facilitator, and Imogen Lamport, a globally award-winning style blogger and image consultant.

This style self-discovery program will fast-track your personal style, achieve an authentic and inspiring wardrobe, and save you years and years of expensive trial and error.

This 12-month online style self-discovery program provides the crucial elements vital to your style success. There is no other program in the world like it.

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Here’s What You’ll Get in Your Type of Style

Whether you want to up your style game, understand how your personality influences your style, or just be able to feel amazing in your clothes every single day.   Your Type of Style can help.

This 12-month online style self-discovery program provides the crucial elements vital to your style success.

Clarity and Confidence

Set your own compelling style vision based on your Style Type and learn how to express who you are at your core on the outside through your clothes and image.  Become 100% confident in yourself as a beautiful woman of style – on your own terms and by your own definition.

Guidance and Respect

A step by step program full of videos, interactive explorations, playshops and intelligent information that will take you through a rich, robust and rewarding process to discover your authentic style.  There’s no fluff, no fillers, and no dumbing down.  You’re an intelligent, discerning woman with a unique personality and place in this world – and this program treats you that way.

Community and Support

Make connections, be inspired, get support and build relationships that last a lifetime with others also charting and travelling their authentic style pathway.  Provide support, insight, and encouragement to others that also builds your confidence and competence with your style.

Knowledge and Skills

Gain new skills and insights into your unique personality and style so you can create your own best style – a style you have defined for yourself and that makes sense to you, based on the life you have now and your personality preferences.

Personal Growth

This is much more than just a style program that tells you what to wear.  Inside this program are the tools and resources you need to fully understand who you are at your core including your innate gifts.  This program honors and helps you acknowledge what you bring to the world and how you can use your gifts to develop your own authentic style.

As past participants have said about the program

Your Type of Style is worth its weight in gold and is the gift that keeps on giving

Here’s What You’ll Learn to Develop Your Authentic Style Pathway

Your Type of Style is organized into 12 Modules.  All course materials, including videos, Module worksheets and playshops and additional resources are within our online member portal.

Find out more about how this program has benefited women of each Super Style Type: click on the SF button to learn how women preferring Sensing-Feeling benefited from the program, on the ST button to hear what women who prefer Sensing-Thinking say about the program, on the NT button to watch women who prefer iNtuition-Thinking share their ideas, and on the NF button to watch women who prefer iNtuition-Feeling tell you about what they gained from participating in this program.

Click on the two letter Super Style codes below to watch video interviews with women who have experienced the life-changing magic of this program













Not sure of your Style Type? That’s OK! You’ll discover that as part of the program!

What’s the Investment? And are there payment plans available?

The investment for Your Type of Style is $595USD. We also offer a payment plan (12 monthly payments of $59USD). With our many years of experience working with women and their wardrobes, we know that this is an extraordinary price point for the value that you receive. Chances are you’ve already wasted much, much more than the class fee on purchasing the wrong clothes.

When you invest in your own style self-discovery education through Your Type of Style, you are investing in your self-worth, your relationships, and a more confident and stylish you.

Meet the Creators

Imogen Lamport AICI CIP is an international Certified Image Professional, winner of the illustrious AICI Jane Segerstrom Award for promoting a positive image in society, and a qualified Type Practitioner.  Her passion is helping women to discover the colours and styles of clothing that makes them shine and feel amazing every single day.   Having worked with thousands of women from around the world to discover their authentic style, Imogen knows that personality is the key to unlocking your style.  She writes the award-winning style blog Inside Out Style, has developed the 18 palette Absolute Colour System and teaches aspiring image professionals the science and art of colour and style through her Academy of Professional Image.

Jill Chivers is an experienced, expressive, and empathetic corporate facilitator and coach and has worked with thousands of leaders and emerging leaders around the globe for over two decades.  Her client roster includes high performing blue-chip organizations along with creative entrepreneurs.  A certified practitioner of Psychological Type, Jill is a master facilitator with a special affinity for designing and delivering impactful learning experiences that change thinking, feeling, and behavior for good.   Her other qualifications include an MBA, certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming and along the way she became certified as a professional facilitator and an image consultant.  Jill’s superpowers include blending methods and modalities to create unique learning experiences that stick.

How does Your Type of Style Work?

Your Type of Style has 12 Modules released monthly.  Each Module is designed on best adult learning principles based on Stanford University’s Design Thinking methodology and includes videos, explorations, playshops, concepts and intelligent information, and resources.  Exclusive to members, this treasure trove is all contained in the Your Type of Style online private membership site.

The program is highly interactive with monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Jill and Imogen plus the opportunity to connect with others, compare notes and experiment in a safe space with your fellow participants.

Plus, you have lifetime access to the Your Type of Style program and can retake it each year should you wish, for as long as it exists.

Who is Your Type of Style for?

This program is for women who are seeking style authenticity.

Women who are tired of making style mistakes, and of feeling frumpy or insecure in their style and appearance.

Women who want to feel truly authentic and confident in their clothes, for their clothing to be a ‘second skin’ rather than feeling like a costume.

Women who have lots of clothing but often feel they have “nothing to wear”, who shop and shop but are never entirely satisfied.

Women who have a safe look and style, perhaps based on style rules, but lacks inspiration and their personal brand of creativity.

Women whose lives have moved on, but their style hasn’t.

Women who understand that what you wear can change your life as your clothes and image speak for you.

Women like you.

Whether you’re naturally drawn to style or often lack confident in what you’re wearing, this program will guide you through an encouraging, supportive, and intelligent process to discover your authentic style.

Whether you’re new to Psychological Type or an experienced practitioner, this program will introduce new layers of understanding about your personality, and other people, that will give you compassionate and insightful ways of interacting with others.

How Can I Find Out More from Past Participants?

Check out these video interviews with past participants and discover just some of what they received from doing the program. In their own words, this program is unique, deep, transformative, engaging, and like nothing else they’ve experienced on their style self-discovery pathway.

When Does Your Type of Style Start?

Your Type of Style enrolment happens twice a year, usually in September and March.  Once you’re in, you’re in for life, so can take the program at a slower pace if that suits you.

Your Type of Style is Currently Waitlisted

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We don’t want you to miss this amazing opportunity so join the waitlist now and we’ll be sure to send you an email when the doors are open again.

Here’s Proof that Your Type of Style Works

Your Type of Style was a cathartic experience. This program is so much more than ‘style’ in the sense of what you wear. It’s an exploration of the styles of relationships and interpersonal communication which has helped me find a way to understand and find common ground with others as well as express my authentic self in a way that allows others to understand what makes me tick.

Merrit INFP

I am finally dressing to my personality, and now = my inner world is being outwardly expressed and it feels great.

Debbie ISFP

Your Type of Style has taught me how to express my authentic style creating outfits that look great and are really me. I discovered how little it takes to change an outfit that I used to not like to one I do. This is really valuable to me and saves me a lot of frustration and money!


The biggest takeaway from doing Your Type of Style for me is to honor myself and listen to that inner voice. I had been content to learn “the rules” that work with my body shape and coloring, figuring that’s all it takes to be stylish, forgetting to consider my personality in the mix. There is so much content to learn in each of the Modules and I find myself going back to a previous one to dig deeper. I am thrilled to have lifetime access to the material, to start again on a deeper level.


What Sets Your Type of Style Apart from Any Other Personality Style Program


  • Your Type of Style combines style and image concepts with the world’s most trusted researched and used personality system – Psychological Type (often known as Myers Briggs or MBTI) – in an intelligent, sophisticated, and encouraging way
  • Written by two global experts: Jill Chivers, a Psychological Type expert with over 20 years global experience and Imogen Lamport, a world-leading, award-winning image consultant of over 15 years.  Jill and Imogen have combined their knowledge, expertise, and experience to create this world-first, world-class online program for intelligent women seeking authentic style – not just a quick fix
  • Designed using solid Psychological Type framework, with a sophisticated and intelligent design based on years of research and development
  • Program designed by a globally experienced master facilitator with a deep understanding of and experience with best practice adult learning concepts
  • Lifetime access – retake the program again and again for free

Your Type of Style is Currently Waitlisted

Sign up to be notified when the program opens again.

We don’t want you to miss this amazing opportunity so join the waitlist now and we’ll be sure to send you an email when the doors are open again.

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