Discover Your Super Style

Unlock your personal style using your personality type

Have you ever tried on an outfit or garment and thought “It’s not me”, but you can’t explain why or what is you?

Would you like to stop making the same style mistakes over and over (and save yourself some serious money in the process)?

Are you fascinated by personality type and want to know how it impacts your style choices?

Your Personality is the Key to Your Style DNA

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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


How Your Type Informs Your Approach to Personal Style

Understanding your personality is key to creating your authentic personal style and when you don’t understand how your personality influences all your style choices you end up making costly style mistakes.


Why Style Rules Don’t Work

Discover why externally imposed style rules don’t work for you and make you feel flat, uninspired, and not authentic to who you are.


How Your Super Style Approaches Style

Personality is innate and in your DNA which is why it’s the key to unlocking your personal style, one that will make you feel confident as well as look great.  There are 4 Super Styles that are at the heart of your pscyhological (Myers Briggs) type and this is your key to unlocking your style


Discover Your Super Style

Are you a Style Dreamer, a Style Aesthetician, a Style Strategist or a Style Pragmatist?   You’ll suddenly become aware of why your style may be so different from friends and family.

A Personal Invitation from Imogen...

As a global industry award winner and internationally certified image professional and certified Psychological Type Practioner, I’ve been helping women define their personal style and build wardrobes full of clothes they love to wear and that love them back, that give them confidence and an improved sense of self-esteem, for over 17 years.

Not only do I teach my clients what to wear, but also how to choose the clothes that express their physicality and personality in a way that is in total harmony with them as whole person.

I’ve also trained hundreds of image consultants from around the world in the science and art of colour and style and developed an innovative and modern colour analysis system that works for all skin tones.

I’m passionate about helping women express their personalities through their style.

Imogen Lamport and Jill Chivers

A Personal Invitation from Jill ...

Throughout my career as a master facilitator, trainer, and coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of intelligent, accomplished individuals and teams around the world.

With over 20 years of experience with psychological type (having trained as an MBTI Practioner) and also completing image consultant training and certification, I’ve long been fascinated with style, identity and the significance of clothing.

As an advocate of conscious consumption, I have discovered that understanding your personality type can help you to become a more aware consumer as a great byproduct of developing your authentic personal style.

I’m passionate about the power of embracing your psychological type to enrich relationships – including one of the most important, with yourself!

Discover the Psychology of Style

This masterclass is a must-attend if…

  • You’ve got some idea of your style but you still feel there is a missing piece, and you’ve shopped and bought and tried on and the wardrobe has churned with garments coming in and out but you’re still not feeling satisfied with your style.
  • Your style doesn’t feel like the one you envision in your head or that it truly represents who you are
  • You are fascinated by personality and psychology and have no idea how it relates to your personal style in fact you’ve never really thought about this before at all.
  • You love learning about yourself and you’re keen to keep improving your personal style

Take an hour out of your day, grab a drink and join us as you discover the fascinating link between personality and style.

This brand new masterclass is a culmination of years of research and experience in the psychology of style.


  • If you’re ready to discover your personal style, one that comes from the inside out and is not a 2nd rate copy of someone else’s.
  • A style takes who you are at your core into consideration so that you can present your best self through your clothing and image.

Then this masterclass is for you.

See you there!

If you want to find the key to unlock and transform your style to one that makes you feel confident and expresses your personality.

Then you need to sign up for this free masterclass.

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