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Meet the Style Types Team - Imogen Lamport, Jane Kise, Jill Chivers

Our understanding of style and personality systems is both deep and wide.  Referencing the work of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist, and the 16-personality type theory and correlating it with style concepts, 16 Style Types is a world class world first intelligent marrying of style and personality.

16 Style Types invites you to explore who you are and how you approach style using the world’s most trusted system of personality development.  It offers you a unique opportunity to claim the essence of your style and to express it in an authentic and meaningful way.

Our team includes world-class expert on style: Imogen Lamport is one of the world’s top image consultants and style bloggers, bringing her scientific approach to style to hundreds of thousands of women every month with her intelligent approach to a topic often overly simplified.

Our worldwide authority on psychological type: Jane Kise is the author or co-author of almost 30 books on psychological type, leadership, education, and communication.  She understands the 16 personalities like few others on the planet do.

And connecting these two worlds we have the dynamic Jill Chivers, bridging these two worlds and bringing them together, getting this project going with passion and boundless enthusiasm, through her lifelong interest in both people and psychology and style.

What an unbeatable team!

16 Style Types Out and About

We have presented on 16 Style Types at the British Psychological Type conference in 2018 and also the Australian Association of Psychological Type in both 2018 and 2019.

In 2018 we also presented for the Federation of Image Professionals in the Uk and 2019 the Association of Image Consultants International conference in Chicago USA.

Style Types has featured in the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) AICI Global magazine April 2020.

16 Style Types in AICI magazine

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