The 16 Style Types

Style is a deeply individual thing.  Some say style is something you’re born with, others say that everybody can learn to be stylish.  Our view captures both perspectives:  that some people are born with more of an interest in style than others, and that every person who wishes to become more stylish, can.

Your experience and expression of style is highly intertwined with your personality preferences. By better understanding yourself and your personality preferences, you can identify the essence of your style, make better style decisions, claim your true authentic beauty, and express your sense of style with confidence.

We have identified 16 Style Types.  These 16 Style Types are linked to the global phenomenon that the 16 personality styles are, based on the Jung/Myers Briggs model of psychological types.  Millions of people around the world have identified their personality type using this model, and it remains one of the most trusted, reliable and valid models for understanding personality.

We have done something nobody has successfully achieved before: combined this trusted model of 16 personalities with style.  We have drawn out the essence of a woman’s style, based on her personality profile, and connected it with style in a powerful way.

If you’re interested in simply knowing more about the 16 Style Types, this page gives you an overview of each.

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