Are you an image consultant looking for an edge?

As a professional image consultant or personal stylist, you know that your clients want powerful, innovative, effective style solutions that work immediately.

16 Style Types offers you an edge.  It offers something that has never been available before – an intelligent meshing of style with personality, using one of the most trusted, reliable and researched models of personality – the Jung/Myers Briggs model of psychological type.

And for image professionals who wish to give their clients the very best, 16 Style Types offers a world-class world first style personality approach that delves deep into the underlying motivations and needs of your clients, exploring her style psychology in an illuminating and enriching way.

Ready to make your clients’ style dreams a reality?

16 Style Types is a powerful, meaningful, thorough style system that cuts through the hype and takes your client to the essence of who she is.  It’s a style approach that treats your clients like not only a human being but a unique and wonderful woman.

When your client downloads her Style Type Report, she receives acknowledgment of who she is, advice on how to best approach her style journey, and aspiration on how to confidently improve her style.

What you receive as her image consultant is a peerless tool to add to your toolkit.  In addition to the other style services you offer your clients, you can add the 16 Style Types Report to your repertoire of transformative material that improve the life and style of your clients.

As the first in a suite of offerings for Professionals, our Unlocking the Magic Reports are for image professionals who want an insider’s perspective into each of the 16 Style Types.

Unlocking the Magic - a resource for professional image consultants and personal stylists

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