Frequently Asked Questions

About 16 Style Types

A style type is a way of describing the essence of style for a woman with a particular personality type.  It describes her  approach to style, what her style values (or ‘pillars’) are, her style strengths and challenges, how she takes in style information optimally, how she makes style decisions, and a range of other things related to her style journey.

Each of the 16 Style Types is a single an entity within the classification system which has 16 groups in it – 16 Style Types! You might be, for example, The Vivacious Stylist, ESFP: The Style Celebrator.  Or your Style Type might be The Independent Stylist, INTJ: The Style Scientist.  Those are two examples only – our system has 16 Style Types, and there’s bound to be one that fits you best.

Each of the 16 Style Types approaches style differently and the 16 Style Types are very distinctive from one another.  You can learn more about the 16 Style Types here.

The 16 Style Types are based on a theory of personality development, the Jung/Myers theory of psychological type.

Many things, but one of the most important is that nobody has linked style to this model of personality development before.  We are the world’s first to do it.  And now that we’ve done the research and developed the tools, we appreciate why nobody else has successfully done this before. It’s not easy!  There is a lot to understand, both about style and about psychology.  Our team contains experts in both areas.

There have been a few attempts linking personality to style, and some of these approaches have merit.  But in our research, which we conducted prior to starting out on the development of the 16 Style Types, we discovered that none of the existing approaches or programs has the same depth or robustness as 16 Style Types.

No existing model of personality+style is founded on the same theoretical integrity that 16 Style Types has, resting securely on a model of personality that has so much tested reliability and validity to it.   The Jung/Myers model of personality development is, and has been for over 50 years, the most-used framework in the world.

Discover which of the 4 Super Styles your type and style fit into and how we discovered these super styles here.

Watch the video here about how Style Types was conceived and just some of the behind the scenes processes we went through to find out how style and type were related.

We know for sure, based on over 60 years experience in the fields of psychological type and image consulting, that there is no causal relationship between your personality and your physicality.  You can find out more here.

Whilst we have done our best to make sure all the materials at 16 Style Types are of excellent quality, especially our cornerstone product, the Style Type Reports, we don’t expect them to be perfect for everybody.

Firstly, your Style Type can’t and shouldn’t be expected to explain everything about your style, there are many other personal and unique factors (such as lifestyle, geographic and cultural factors, physical features, not to mention learned behavior)  that come into the style picture for each woman. In building your knowledge (and style types is a multi-layered ongoing discovery process – not a ‘tick and flick’ exercise), you may find our articles on psychological type of interest, including these three:
What your style report can, and cannot, tell you;
The missing piece; and
Issues of identity.

Secondly, the theory the Style Type Reports are build on – the Jung/Myers Briggs model of psychological types – suggests that any profile you are given will fit you up to a point (some say 80% is the best you can hope for), but you probably won’t agree with everything.

Thirdly, it’s possible you have not yet found your best fit style type.  If you disagree with too much of your Style Type Report, especially key content around values/pillars, strengths, challenge areas, and so on, it’s possible you have a Report that’s not quite right for you.  When you discover your best fit style type, it should have a ‘coming home’ feeling to it, where key aspects of your approach to style are recognized and embraced.

It’s also possible that there are elements of your Style Type Report that are challenging to come to grips with, this can be a normal part of learning about your type and your psychological make-up, including how your type shows up in the world and impacts other people. There may be issues of self-awareness to consider, or perhaps some triggering of thoughts and feelings that may be worth exploring.

Finally, we are humans – Jane, Jill and Imogen (your 16 Style Types team) are people, just like you. And whilst we have put our absolute professional best (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears) into everything here at 16 Style Types, we know it’s impossible to be perfect. We hold ourselves instead to high standards of excellence.

If you find something you consider an error in your Style Type Report, please get in touch directly. We find these conversations valuable. And would certainly prefer it to posting any criticisms publicly online without letting us know the nature of your concerns.

We will work with any reasonable feedback that improves what we do here at 16 Style Types.

About Personality and Psychological Type

If you are confident you know your ‘4 letters’ already, then you can click here to pay then download your Style Type Report immediately.

Many people have done a free online quiz and believe they know their ‘letters’.  While this can be the case for some people, sadly, all too often it isn’t.  Estimates are that as high as 50% of people who think they know their letters are wrong on at least one of them, especially if they have only done a free online quiz or have not had their type verified by a qualified type practitioner.

We don’t want that to happen to you. Your Style Report will feel wrong in important ways if your Style Type isn’t right.  So, we want you to find your true style type and have created a beautiful process for doing exactly that.

To help you determine if you do, indeed, know your ‘4 letters’, we’ve crafted five helpful questions for you to answer.  You’ll find these on the Download Your Style Type Report page.

Keep in mind that there is no difference in price for you to do our Discover Your Style Type Best Fit Process.  Going through this Process is our recommended approach.


If you’re struggling with deciding what your Style Type might be, here are some suggestions to help ease any confusion, clear any blockages and provide clarity.

  1. Any four-letter Style Type you arrive at is always what we call a “working hypothesis”. Nobody is ever truly 100% any “Type” (even if they are 100% sure they have the best Type for them). There are always elements of aspects of a Style Type that fit us well, and other parts that do not – this is why we use the term “best fit Type” because we are looking for the one that fits the best – not the one that fits us perfectly. Because no such Type exists for anybody. We are more than our Type.
  2. We have a saying that every ENFP [or any other type] is like every other ENFP is like some other ENFP’s is like no other ENFP. That’s because of the influences of Type (nature) and the behaviors we learn (nurture). So, when you look at the descriptions, if at least 80% fits you, and no other Style Type fits you better, you’ve found the one that fits you best!
  3. Read the 15 ideas on deciding what is natural for you. Nobody but you is better placed to come to a best fit Style Type for yourself. If you have any frustration in getting access to what is natural and innate for you, trust that it’s there. Remember that skill/ability are not the same thing as innate preference.
  4. Take your time with the Discover Your Best Fit Style Type Process. Leave it overnight if you wish, there is no time limit. Balance this with the knowledge that it is possible to over-think and get into analysis paralysis, so find your own beautiful middle ground of Just Enough Time.
  5. Read, reflect on and consider the unique names we’ve given to each of the 16 Style Types, as they were chosen very specifically to evoke the spirit and essence of that Style Type.
  6. Read on our Articles page, about the Style Types you are deciding between.  We have a series of articles on each of the 16 Style Types – Style Essence for each of the 16 Style Types, Style Pathway for each of the 16 Style Types, and so on.  If you are honing in on one, two or three possible Style Types, use those articles as useful reference material, picking up on the things you agree with in each, what seems more “like you”, and the things that are less like you, too. Sometimes getting to best fit Type is a process of elimination as much as comparison, recognition, and self-selection.
  7. Breathe, relax into the process, do more reading of quality information about Type (and the Types you are deciding between in particular – remember it’s about whole type, not just the component pieces) if that helps you. Be aware of when it may start to overwhelm and confuse – trust when you have enough information and are ready to self-select.

If you believe you already know your 4-letters and opt to by-pass our Discover Your Style Best Fit Process and find that your Style Report isn’t quite right, we are sorry but you cannot swap your Report for another.

This is why we recommend that you go through our Discover Your Style Best Fit Process prior to purchase to ensure you get the right Style Type Report if you are not 100% sure of your 4 letter type.

We know that many people who think they know their 4-letters from going through a free online quiz have sadly discovered that their type isn’t right.

If your four-letter type isn’t right, your Style Type Report won’t be right.  And it won’t be because the Style Report isn’t right  per se – it just won’t be right  for you.

If you have gone through our Discover Your Style Best Fit Process, then you will notice the multiple opportunities to both verify your Style Type as you progress through the Process, with many explanations, descriptions, depictions and images, videos and questions to guide you to an accurate 4-letter “best fit” type.

If you follow the Process as designed, you will be asked to confirm your 4-letter Style Type in each of the three major steps, plus twice prior to completing the Process.  You can spend as much time as you like and need going through the Process, there are no time restrictions.  The Process is designed to limit inaccuracies so if you follow it as designed, all should be well.

Please take your time to go through all the information in the Discover Your Best Fit Style type Process as your decision on your Style Type is final.  For more information, see our Terms & Conditions.

Here are some factors to consider:

Here at 16 Style Types, we concentrate on natural preferences. Free online quizzes get at behavior or work styles.

All of the paid instruments were designed to be interpreted by a professional but too often results are handed over. Even the MBTI® is accurate for about two-thirds of individuals  — Myers and Briggs didn’t believe people wanted to be told what they were and so developed a process of self-report, hearing the theory and choosing preferences, and an interpretation to settle discrepancies.

Free online quizzes aren’t discerning enough to get you to your “best fit type” (accuracy of free quizzes is 50%).

We worked to overcome the problems with free quizzes in three ways:

a) not giving you one

b) working from the function pairs (the “super styles”) instead of the dichotomies

c) giving you the chance to look at videos, text, and graphics, as well as go back to earlier steps in the process, to really think about what you prefer. This is new, never done online before.

So we aren’t surprised women doing our Best Fit Type Process are getting different, and we believe (through feedback), more accurate results.

We have made it easy to discover your innate personality preferences with our Discover Your Style Best Fit Process.

Most research indicates that your personality preferences – your ‘psychological type’ –  is inborn and that these psychological preferences do not change over time.  Just like you are born a certain height, with a certain eye color and other physical features and these don’t really change with time, so too your psychological make-up does not change.

That said, there are two important elements to add to the discussion here.

One is that as we are developing from children, outside factors can influence our preferences. For example, we might be born into a family or culture that does not nourish a particular personality preference. If you are the only Feeler in a family of Thinkers, you may be conditioned to find logical support for decisions. If you are the only Thinker in a family of Feelers, you may learn considerate ways to express your objective analyses.

The second factor is that life circumstances require us to flex and morph and develop in other ways as human beings.  Our environment requires us to develop behaviors to meet those contexts and circumstances.  Even if your psychological preferences remain clear, you can often develop a range of behaviors outside of those preferences, and this is not only normal but to be expected.

Extraverts learn to rely on their introversion, Introverts develop extraverted behaviors – this is only to be expected.  And so it is for the other aspects of psychological type.  Additionally, when it comes to our development, outside factors such as culture, education, work settings and experiences, life experiences, and even birth order can influence our expression of personality preferences.

This can add up to some people finding it harder to identify what their innate preferences are as opposed to what others thought or think they should be. Which is why we have made it so easy to discover your innate personality preferences with our Discover Your Style Best Fit Process.

Read more here on the topic of Does Personality Change.

With difficulty and great effort, you can work to develop behaviors that are opposite to your natural personality, and in this way “change” your personality.  Just as you can learn to write with your non-preferred hand, you can develop capabilities in your non-preferred psychological preferences.  If this topic interests you, you may find our article series on Self Awareness stimulating further reading.

Keep this in mind:  your personality preferences celebrate who you are. No preference or psychological type is better than another, just different. There is no “perfect” personality to become.

While we all can take cues from each of the preferences and learn to use them when appropriate, it makes more sense to concentrate most of our energy on working out of what comes most naturally to us.

Then we can use our non-preferred style when it is appropriate and needed—for example, noticing spelling and grammar details (Sensing) when writing a forecast of future marketing possibilities (iNtuition).

We are all gifted but in different ways.  Here’s a great way of looking at it:  The best type to be is the one you were born to be!

For more thoughts about this topic, read this blog post Does Personality Change?

While there are some similarities among people of the same Style Type, it doesn’t explain everything about you or anyone else.

Your personality preferences do not measure ability or competency in any area. They do, however, do an excellent job of helping us understand ourselves, appreciate others, know the work/service setting that is best, and make sense of some of our life choices.

You will experience your Style Type in a way that no other woman of your Style Type will – this is normal and to be expected.  You are a multi-faceted woman with a lifetime of experience and personal circumstances and qualities that are unique to you.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to style, and similar personalities will not necessarily have similar taste in clothing.  The expression of style is deeply personal and even women of the same Style Type can be drawn to different types of clothing, accessories and so on.

You will also likely have personal coloring different than women of your Style Type, as well as a different body shape and proportions and so on – necessitating that you treat your physical qualities as a separate style area to your psychological qualities.

Women with your Style Type will, however, have similar ways of making decisions, evaluating choices, and experiencing style in their lives.  Find your ultimate, unique style here.

Your Style Type is more than just the sum of the four letters.  Let’s say you are an ENFJ.  This does not mean that E + N + F + J = your personality preferences.  The Jung/Myers of personality development is a little more complex than that.

This is called Type Dynamics and is the reason why we haven’t taken what is called a “dichotomy” approach, where we explained the various components (if you like) of psychological type and attached style concepts to them.  There are, for instance, very few if any commonalities between how all Extraverts approach style, or how all iNtuitives, or Feelers, or Perceivers (or any other of the dichotomies) approach style.

If you have no idea what any of this means, that’s fine – you don’t need to understand any of this to get great value from your Style Type Report.  Think of this concept as being a peek into the manual of a car – if you couldn’t care less how the car runs, you need never open the cover of the manual – you can happily drive the car knowing it’s been built properly and safely – and simply enjoy the ride.

But if you are a bit interested in how the car is put together and how it runs, as it were, you may find our article on type dynamics of interest.

About Style

You Style Type Report describes the essence of your style and will give you insights into your choices and approach to style.  We do not tell you the exact colors, silhouettes, hemlines, fabrics, brands/labels, or shapes to wear. There are already many resources available in that sphere – and click here to discover the ones we recommend.

We all are drawn to different style expressions, and similar personalities will not necessarily have similar clothing tastes.  What women of the same style type do have are similar patterns of perceiving style data, evaluating choices, and experiencing style.

And that’s what you will find in your Style Type Report – a meaningful style system that cuts through the style hype and gets to the essence of what style is – for you.  This is an ‘inside-out’ approach to discovering your style.  To discover what is included in your Style Type Report, click here.

There is lots of great information available at Inside Out Style.

Written by Imogen Lamport, one of the 16 Style Types team, Inside Out Style will give you immediately useable information to dress your body in a way that flatters and makes you feel great.  With 2,000 blog posts you can read for free, there’s no shortage of terrific ideas to flatter your figure and make the most of your physical features.  There’s also a range of paid programs too.

Technical Issues

Upon purchase completion, you will receive your login details via email.  You will then login here and you will be taken straight to our Discover Your Style Type Best Fit Process and guided through a straightforward and engaging online process to discover your very own style type (unless you already are confident you know your letters, in which case you can Download your Style Type Report immediately).

Our Discover Your Style Type Best Fit Process includes a range of materials to suit many learning styles including series of short videos to watch, some materials to read and look at on the screen, and some self-selection material to make choices on.

If you require further information about all 16 Style Types, you can read the short descriptions all on one page on the 16 Style Types page.  And you can also read our selection of articles on our Articles page, including those on the four Super Styles and each of the 16 Style Types: click on the “+” dropdown menu from Psychological Type and you’ll see all 16 Style Types.

Once you have completed the online Discover Your Style Type Best Fit Process, you will have your style type!  You’ll then be redirected to your Style Type Report download page, where you will find a range of resources exclusive to paying customers.  From here you can Save your Style Type Report, print it out if you wish, and use it as your lifelong guide to navigate, embrace and fall in love with your style.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will be sent an email with your login details within a few minutes.  If you are having trouble with any aspect of this process, try these things:

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Accessing your Report:

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Another reason you may be unable to access the 16 Style Type materials and programs (such as the Discover Your Style Type Best Fit Process or to download your Style Report) you have purchased is if you have revoked permission for any of the following entities to use your personal data: 16 Style Types, Inside Out Style Blog or the Academy of Personal Image.

These entities are all coordinated by Imogen Lamport, one of the 16 Style Types Co-Founders and the client information systems are connected.  If you have responded to requests to update your information and have revoked permission to use your personal data from any of those entities, then your username, password and past product and program history will be erased from our system.

As a result, you will no longer be able to access your 16 Style Types Report or other materials, programs or products.

If you would like to regain access to your 16 Style Types Products or Programs, you will need to follow these steps to reactivate your details on our system:

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The full refund policy can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.

Yes, you can. Just continue to shop until you have purchased all the Style Type Reports you wish to purchase (please ensure you understand our Terms and Conditions, Style Type Reports are for individual use only).

To access your Reports, login then click on the MY REPORT menu tab (light grey) on the top right hand corner of the navigation bar and you will find your Reports there.

Easy.  There are two ways to get updates from us.

First, if you have already purchased a Style Type Report (directly by Downloading it or by going through our Discover Your Style Best Fit Type Process) or any other paid product from us, you can simply login and access new resources as we create and publish them there.  These are exclusive resources we have created for paying customers only.

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Purchasing as a Gift

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to add your gift recipients First Name, Email Address and a special message from you to accompany your gift.

When your transaction is successful, we will email the person you are sending the gift to with their login details to the 16 Style Types website with instructions on how to access the best fit type process OR with their Style Type Report with accompanying resources and materials.

No, unfortunately not. When purchasing a gift, you will be able to add gift recipient contact details for only one gift recipient at a time (per transaction).

Yes you can! Simply navigate around the gift page and add to cart.

For Professionals

We are interested in working with professional image consultants to build their businesses and bring 16 Style Types to their clients.  Let’s start a conversation!  Get in touch and let us know about your business and send us a link to your website.

We have a dedicated section of the website For Professionals, so make sure you check that out.

The other step you can take right away is to purchase a copy of Unlocking the Magic, a resource for image professionals using 16 Style Types. This is a perfect way to start incorporating 16 Style Types into your work, and comes with a Guide for Use along with 16 resources, one for each of the 16 Style Types.

  • When you purchase Unlocking the Magic, you also get a VIP Coupon Code you can use with all your clients where they purchase 16 Style Types directly from us (or you purchase as a Gift) and they receive their Style Type Report, which you can then work with them using.
  • The use of 16 Style Types in this regard acts as a license in effect, with copyright and ownership staying with 16 Style Types but you as a professional image consultant having the right to use and promote it within your client network. Please note that our Terms and Conditions apply when using 16 Style Types with your clients.

We also are developing a training program for image consultants and will be releasing details of that once they are available.

We are very happy to help you as a professional image consultant incorporate 16 Style Types into your work and build your business, so please be sure to get in touch with any questions or suggestions.

If you purchased as a gift and put your client’s details in as the recipient, please check her details are correct, such as double checking email address spelling.

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Once you have your login details – click here to login .

We have two products for consumer clients, which as a professional image consultant or personal stylist who has incorporated 16 Style Types into your work and approach, you can purchase as a gift for your client.

Firstly,  the Discover Your Style Type product, which includes our custom-made Best Fit Type Process.  This is for women who do not know their ‘4-letter type’, have forgotten their results or who may have been mistyped in previous exercises to profile their personality using the 16 personality model (such as the MBTI®).

Secondly, the Download Your Style Type Report product, which is for women who know for certain what their 4-letter type is.   If your client has only ever done a free online personality quiz, she may have been mistyped (she has a 50% chance of this). If your client tells you she knows her 4-letter type already, she will have to answer 5 simple questions to confirm this – we include this to ensure she will, indeed, be getting the right Report for her.

You can always have her answer these 5 simple questions (the Quick Quiz at the bottom of this page), and depending on the result she gets, you will know which product she needs – Discover or Download.

If in any doubt, choose the Discover Your Style Type product.


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