Embracing Stability or Seeking Variety – What’s Your Type?

When it comes to personal style, each of us has a unique essence that is influenced by our personality type. Some individuals prefer stability, while others crave variety. Understanding your style essence is a huge breakthrough for many women.  We have received reports from women around the world who have told us the relief they have felt, the acknowledgement they have received, and the insights they have gained by finally — finally — having their style essence explained. Receiving their Style Report has been a homecoming, a journey of enormous illumination – their approach to style has been honoured!

This is a huge benefit to any woman travelling her authentic style journey.  And (and it’s definitely an and not a but) discovering your Style Type and embracing your style essence does not tell you everything there is about your style.

You can read more about what your style essence (and your Style Type Report) can and cannot tell you here, and why there’s so much more to the style – and life – picture than your style essence here.

Let’s explore how your personality type might influence your preference for stability or variety

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In this video, Imogen and Jill unveil the secrets behind your unique style essence, exploring the balance between stability and variety in your wardrobe choices (20mins)

Stability: Planning and Control in Style

For those who seek stability in their style, planning outfits ahead of time is a natural inclination. They find comfort in knowing what they’ll wear for specific events and occasions. This preference is often observed in Sensing (S) and Judging (J) preferences. 

SJ types typically value structure, tradition, and order. They are often comfortable with planning, organization, and following established routines, which may lean them towards a preference for stability in their style.

Jill, an ESFJ, takes joy in curating her outfits, and her wardrobe reflects her signature style choices, like leopard print. Stability in her style allows her to focus on other aspects of her life, as she feels secure and confident in her clothing choices.

NJ types often prefer stability in the sense of having a clear vision and working towards it steadily. While they have a preference for Intuition (N), which leans towards variety and embracing change, their Judging (J) aspect may lead them to seek stability through well-thought-out plans and a sense of control.They are willing to adapt their strategies as needed, but they do not typically thrive in highly chaotic or unpredictable environments. 

Imogen, an INTJ, enjoys experimenting with different styles, including occasional leopard print pieces. For her, variety adds excitement and novelty to her wardrobe, reflecting her dynamic approach to life.

Variety: Embracing Change and Spontaneity in Style

On the other hand, individuals with a preference for variety in their style may find planning outfits in advance to be restricting. They embrace the freedom of dressing with their moods and preferences, allowing their style to evolve naturally. This is common in Intuitive (N)  and Perceiving (P) types who value the exploration of possibilities and creativity.

SP types are often adaptable, spontaneous, and enjoy living in the moment. They may be more open to variety in their style, embracing change and being flexible in their approach to life.

NP types are often curious, flexible, and enjoy exploring different possibilities. They might be more inclined to embrace variety and spontaneity in their style, being open to experimenting with different looks and approaches. NP types are most likely to struggle to let go of clothing, resulting in a cluttered wardrobe. 

Embracing Your Style Essence: Finding Balance

Whether you lean towards stability or variety, it’s essential to understand and embrace your unique style essence. Your style should reflect your personality and what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

In times of stability or uncertainty, your style choices may shift. During stable periods, you may crave more variety, seeking to break free from routine. Conversely, in uncertain times, you might find comfort in a uniformed approach, where your style serves as a constant amidst change.

Your Style, Your Choice

Ultimately, your personality type does not dictate your specific clothing choices. Instead, it influences your approach to style and your needs for stability or variety. Embrace your individuality, and use your style to express your authentic self.

To turn your style essence into a concrete wardrobe that reflects your personality, join our Your Type of Style program. This exclusive program offers personalized guidance to help you embrace your style and curate a wardrobe that feels uniquely you. Remember, your style is an evolving expression of who you are—embrace the journey of discovering and celebrating your authentic self through your wardrobe.

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