The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST) Super Style

The Sensing and Thinking (ST) Myers Briggs approach to style, wardrobe and shopping

The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST) Super Style has a pragmatic approach to style based on basics, creating a utilitarian look

The four style types who prefer Sensing and Thinking are

The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking

Those who prefer ST are practical and like to take action based on facts and logic. They are drawn to proven methods and work best when they have all the details and a clear path.

They frequently ask questions such as:

  • What, specifically, is being done?
  • How will it be done? By when?
  • How much does it cost?

STs enjoy communication that is short, crisp, businesslike, factual and credible, sequential, and impersonal.

STs like to know the rules and want there to be definitive answers to questions – it’s either right or wrong.  Anything too vague is often considered ‘airy fairy’ and will be a turn off.

What Makes the Style Pragmatist ST Pay Attention to Style?

STs are often drawn to paying attention to their style when they realize it’s a necessary factor to achieve goals or outcomes, especially in important areas such as career.

STs are on the move, they are going places (often at a quick pace – they can be hard to keep up with).  Style can be identified as another vehicle in an armoury of vehicles to get where they need to go.  Style is a necessity, it’s a requirement, it’s a factor of some significance in their overall plan.

Style is rarely going to be a big interest in and of itself, it simply isn’t as interesting to the ST as it is to some other Super Styles. But once they identify it as an important tool, they will use style to advance their own priorities (goals, outcomes, success).

Underlying the ST efforts to be more stylish is a need to present a polished presence, perhaps to impress, to persuade, or to be appropriate.  The ST style approach is not necessarily showy, it’s often too pragmatic for that, but it can be precise, smooth and convincing.

The Sensing and Thinking (ST) Myers Briggs approach to style, wardrobe and shopping

The Style Pragmatist ST Approach to Style

The ST style is defined by use of a traditional style expression, clear rules, and limiting options to ensure they are always appropriate and equipped for the situation.

STs stick to a utilitarian style, relying on trusted basics that are ready to go and work for the activities of the day.

Some blocks to style expression are sticking to the comfort zone to avoid going deeper into their style journey, perhaps because the focus (and real goal) is some other accomplishment or interest.   STs almost always value skills, efficiency, effectiveness, resourcefulness, and contributions over appearance.

The prompt to invest in her style journey can be a sense or clear feedback that her style is boring, overly predictable (going way beyond the admirable ‘consistent’) or out of date.

With some style education, the ST will be confident that she can do “twists” with colors and other style elements that will let her shine while remaining safe. She may also find that an authentic, polished appearance increases her credibility or others’ acceptance of her expertise.

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