How the ENTPs Visionary Abilities Influence their Style Essence

ENTP approach to style, wardrobing and fashion

Conceptual thinkers who leap tall intellectual buildings in a single bound, ENTPs are intrepid and gutsy.  Boldly going where others won’t or can’t, their style essence balances their searing vision of the future, thirst for knowledge and drive for competency (all of which may not connect with a sense of style), with the need to have their ideas embraced by those around them (now here’s where style may become important).

ENTP Style Essence

ENTPs are Disruption Makers

Convinced that there’s often a better way (of thinking, of doing, of creating), ENTPs are the popcorn makers of the ideas world.  Generating ideas and proposing new approaches, ENTPs are often disruptive – and purposefully so.  When applied to style, this can result in a part-way-there style that’s inspiration (not information) led.  Unrestrained, this can manifest in a haphazard wardrobe and mismatched style that doesn’t serve the ENTP – or her ideas – well.  With a strong foundation and understanding of style and the power of impact, the ENTP can soar, knowing her style is contributing to her success – not slowing it down or getting in the way.

ENTPs See the Future

Visionary in so many senses of the word, ENTPs excel at seeing what others simply do not.  When it comes to style, this can be spotting the potential in an item others by-pass, or finding an inventive way to shop, or turning a wardrobe mistake into a success.

Systemizing Style

Experienced ENTPs know that style is a part of the picture and can be employed as a helpful tool to help her succeed (which often means getting her big ideas across as clearly and accurately as possible).  Style may never be as important to an ENTP as it is to other Style Types, but once embraced, the stylish ENTP knows that she’ll use it best if she puts a system around it – using her internal reasoning process to categorize (and sub-categorize) a style system that makes logical sense.

The Enterprising Stylist, ENTP: The Style Chameleon

What is the essence of ENTP style? How as an ENTP do you look great and remain true to yourself?

Style Skeptics

The Style Type most likely to debate and play devil’s advocate, ENTPs need a reason to sanction style.  The objective will differ from ENTP to ENTP, but may likely have something to do with big ideas, competence, and influence.  Applied to style, the result can be magnificent – a unique and authentic expression that makes us look, makes us wonder, and makes us believe.

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