So you know your four-letter type?

If you have done a reliable and professional questionnaire to discover your psychological type through an accredited company, it’s likely you know your four letters already. That’s great!

If you’ve been professionally debriefed by a qualified type practitioner (such as an MBTI® coach or workshop leader), and not only remember what your letters are but also what they mean, you should feel confident in your grasp of your four-letters.

Let’s be sure you have your four letters and are confident they are correct before you go ahead and by-pass our custom-made Best Fit Type Process.

Our goal is for you to completely claim your Style Type, and to fully embrace your style – as you are.  And to be able to do that, you need to know your ‘4 letters’ are accurate.  Your Style Type Report will only feel right if your four letters are right.

Receiving the right Style Type Report for you will open a new world of understanding and to expressing style.  Women who’ve received their correct Style Type Report have sometimes cried or described themselves as having chills go up their spine as they’ve read it, it is so liberating, so enriching, so powerful, so affirming, and so empowering.

Your Style Type Report should feel absolutely right for you.  Your Style Type Report should both acknowledge you and inspire you to continue along your own style path.

If your letters aren’t right for you, your Style Type Report won’t be right for you. And sadly, we have met many women who believe they know their four letters, but it turns out they aren’t right for them after all.

So we just want to check before you buy and download your Style Type Report.  Are the four letters you believe are right for you actually right for you?

Even one letter that’s wrong in your four-letter type code makes a big difference to how accurate your Style Type Report will be.  Or sometimes a person knows only one or two elements of their type — they say they’re an Extravert or they prefer Thinking, for example, but they aren’t familiar with what is called their whole type.  This is akin to saying you have arms, a head and a digestive system, without recognizing you are an entire person.

There are many myths and misconceptions about psychological type and innate personality preferences and this leads to confusion and misunderstanding: the very opposite of what understanding your four letters should bring you.

Here’s a quick check to tell if you understand your four-letters and they are right for you:

If you can describe what your 4 letters mean in a few sentences or less, your whole type and not just one or two elements of it… you understand your type and what it means to be that type.

If  this summary feels like ‘home’ to you – it doesn’t change no matter what your mood or circumstances… your type is right, is ‘best fit’, for you.

There are many fictions and fables surrounding psychological type. Because of its huge popularity and longevity, many of the terms used to describe this model of personality development have become part of popular parlance, and have become oversimplified in some cases, and in others misconstrued and distorted entirely.  These terms, specific and precise, now mean something else, either something slightly off-key or something that’s just plain mistaken.

There is a sophistication, depth, and beauty to the Jung/Myers model of personality which is sadly missed by some, so that when we say “apple”, some people see an orange.

Because we are aware of how many incomplete and inaccurate perspectives exist about this hugely popular model of personality, we’ve devised a quick 5-question quiz to help you sort the wheat from the personality chaff.  This will help you be 100% confident you’ll be downloading the correct Style Type Report for you.

And that is our purest intention here: is to have you download the Style Type Report that is right for you.

And remember:

There’s no difference in price for you to do our Discover Your Style Type Best Fit Process .  It won’t cost you a cent more, and it may mean you’re completely confident you’ll be receiving the right Style Type Report for you.

Quick Quiz

To help you determine if you do indeed know your ‘4 letters’ and can have confidence by-passing our custom-made Best Fit Type Process and going straight to downloading your Style Type Report, we’ve crafted these five helpful questions for you to answer.

Please consider each question carefully before answering and moving onto the next question. If you need to go back, you’ll need to start the quiz again from the beginning.

Even a single “no” indicates you’ll gain enormous value from going through our Discover Your Style Type Best Fit Process.

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