Why Feeling Good Is So Important to ENFJ Style

ENFJ Style

Big picture connectors who care deeply about mankind, ENFJs are expressive and naturally drawn to people and activities that involve people.  Their style essence balances the need to make an impression, stay true to themselves, and manage perceptions – not only of themselves but of the impact they are making.

ENFJ Style Essence

ENFJs are Impact Makers

And an impact they generally are making.  ENFJs often make an excellent first impression, with their enthusiastic and upbeat energy infecting those around them.  Tuned into the feelings of others, they are often great at ‘taking the temperature’ of the room and just knowing the right thing to do – or not do – to keep the equilibrium or increase the energy or do whatever needs to be done for the group to achieve its goals, spoken and unspoken.

Image Matters to ENFJs

Their style is an expression of who they are.  ENFJs embrace the idea that image matters and that others are influenced by how we look.  When they are style aware, they recognize that everything they wear signifies something, and they are adept at changing up their look to suit their audience and purpose for the day.

It’s Got to Feel Good

They also enjoy signature pieces, pieces with a story or with good memories attached to them.  ENFJs care how their clothing feels – not only physically on their bodies and how comfortable they are, but emotionally and psychologically as well, their clothing should feel great to wear, they should feel emotionally supported by their clothing and psychologically balanced in the day’s ensemble.

The Expressive Stylist, ENFJ: The Style Connector

How does the ENFJ personality approach style? What is their style essence?

ENFJs Have Trusted Inner Values

Whilst ENFJs are great at making a terrific first impression, they also have a strong inner core of values which is their touchstone, their guiding light, their handrail as they navigate through life.  Their trusted intuition means that they never stray too far from what is true and right for them, even if there are a few diversionary roads that shiny new style objects can lead them down.

ENFJs Maximize Style with a System

ENFJs do best when they create (or have created for themselves) a system to get the most from their style.  Without this, their approach to style (shopping, getting dressed for the day, combining old pieces into new outfits to keep the novelty factor high, packing, maintaining a working wardrobe, and so on) can become haphazard, and therefore a little stressful (and far too time and energy consuming) for the ENFJ.

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