Why You Can’t Ignore ENTJ Style

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Analytical and bold, ENTJs are hard to ignore.  However their style is employed, to tone down, augment, exaggerate or soften, ENTJs can’t help but capture our attention.  Logical, persuasive, take-charge and strong-minded, their style essence balances their high visibility and striking presence with the need to achieve an outcome (which may require an adjustment, concession or compromise…. or two).

ENTJ Style Essence

Improvement Makers

Excellent at spotting the flaws in any system and what might be missing, stylish ENTJs apply this same intelligence to their look (and sometimes, the look of others).  This can result in the ENTJ ignoring style rules they don’t believe apply because they simply know better (or believe they do).  The savvy ENTJ knows not to drop anchor on style etiquette until she’s sure she’s taken the worthwhile aspects and applied them to her style.


Bold and bright, ENTJs relish the attention they receive when they are in command.  Drawing on their competence and high energy, the ENTJ style is often edgy.  The individual pieces may be unique and interesting, or the way they pull an ensemble together may draw the eye, perhaps because of an unexpected color combining or the daring pairing of items, or perhaps it’s a one-of-a-kind accessory.

The Standout Stylist, ENTJ: The Style Powerhouse

Discover the ENTJ's approach to style and fashion - how do they dress and what makes them unique?

Brand Me

Aware of the impact they are making, the stylish ENTJ sees her look as part of her overall brand.  She’s cultivating a specific look for a specific outcome, nothing is left to chance.  Her look is authentic, an outward expression of an inner conviction and knowing.  Never ones to “fake it til they make it”, their look – their brand – is built on a solid foundation of proficiency and is never a costume.

Congruent Command

The Style Type most likely to put herself in charge, and have others see that as the obvious choice or thing to do, ENTJs are at their best when their natural energy is supported by equally high energy style choices.  Matching outfits to outcomes will always result in a winning ensemble, and ‘dumbing down’ will never work here.  Learning to soften and moderate their look is a useful skill for the stylish ENTJ – it expands their style toolkit – but there will always be an element of high style if the ENTJ is to feel she’s truly being herself.

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