The Style Strategist – Intuition and Thinking (NT) Super Style

Understand the NT (Intuition and Thinking) approach to style and fashion and what's holding you back.

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT) super style takes a systems approach to style based on big ideas, creating an accomplished look

The four style types who prefer iNtuition and Thinking are

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking

Those who prefer NT value their independent and big-picture vision, their ability to think about how something could be, and creating new things that effectively solve problems.

They frequently ask questions such as:

  • Why you? Why now?  Why them? Why there? Why would we do this?  Why wouldn’t we do this?
  • What if…..?
  • What does the research tell us?

NTs enjoy communication that is full of options, includes pros and cons, complete with underlying theory or concepts, includes research and future implications.

NTs enjoy having options and not feeling limited or boxed in.  They see possibilities and patterns, and excel at identifying flaws and coming up with new rules and systems.

Common Catalysts for the Style Strategist NT to Become Interested in Style

The four NT style types often come to style through a prompt, a shove, a jolt—a mobilizing agent or force that pushes them into the style arena.  Perhaps it’s a comment from a boss that their style is letting them down and preventing them from getting ahead, perhaps it’s the harsh feedback provided by a photograph that they don’t look as good as they want to.

Style for NTs is not often ‘natural’ in the way it is for some other Super Styles.  Their interest has been prompted from elsewhere, from a quarter which impels them to take an interest in style, without which they may never have started on their style journey or gotten very far along it.

But once the NT is on board with the idea that style must be addressed, she will want to be competent at it at whatever level she chooses.

Her interest may run deep and wide, with her natural curiosity taking her deeper into style territory, wanting to know why style works the way it does; or it may be something she employs competently to support other more interesting pursuits and projects.

Understand the NT (Intuition and Thinking) approach to style and fashion and what's holding you back.

The Style Strategist NT Approach to Style

The NT approach to style is defined by big ideas, allowing her to present a style that supports and reveals her competence and abilities.

NTs may turn a style corner when she can identify, develop and use a unique systems approach to style.  The NT needs a set of useful, common-sense style principles that are devoid of senseless (to her) rules, restrictions and norms.

What gets in the way?  Some blocks to style expression are having any weaknesses pointed out, not taking advice and viewing style as counter to being seen as strong or competent. NTs want to be valued for competence and intelligence, not frills.

The prompt to invest in her style journey may be finding a logical approach and grasping the idea that appearance does, in fact, increase authority and acceptance of ideas.

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