Independent, Refining, Intelligent: The INTJ Style Pathway

INTJs approach style in their own unique way - independently, intelligently, wanting to define and refine for themselves

What is your approach to finding and expression your style? We know that style means different things to different women – it’s a deeply personal journey. Our exploration of the 16 style types has helped us to identify the unique style drivers for each.  In this article we’re going to discuss the Independent Stylist, INTJ: The Style Scientist.

Defining Terms

Here at 16 Style Types we differentiate between style essence and style expression, and our focus is on style essence. Which is why you won’t find any specific style advice on your style expression in this article such as which colors, silhouettes, styles of clothing, brands and so on will suit you – and that’s because your style essence doesn’t determine or even indicate what those elements of style expression might be.

Women with the same Style Type, for a variety of important reasons, may not find the same kinds of clothing suit them. What they will have in common, though, are similar ways of acquiring trusted information, evaluating options, making choices, and experiencing style in significant ways, which are the concepts we focus on in this article.

Any images in this post are to act solely as possible interpretations of the spirit of this Style Type, (not as a literal example of what this Style Type may wear, might suit them or what they may choose to wear, and certainly not as a recommendation of what they should be wearing). The images exist only to illustrate and illuminate, not mandate or dictate.

The articles are also published in their Style Type pairs showcasing images which may serve to illustrate the differences (again in essence) in those pairs – so here that means INTJ with ENTJ.

The Independent Stylist, INTJ: The Style Scientist

For many INTJs, style is a way to signal their intelligence and their unique personality to the world. It is a tool to help them achieve their goals in life. Learning the style rules for her body and colouring can help the INTJ feel more confident and able to be seen, something that as an introvert can be a challenge.

“Knowing that I look good in an authentic way means that all I need to worry about when I’m standing up and presenting ideas is the content as my outside is sorted. Learning about style has changed my life in a positive way. Having always felt like I didn’t “fit in” anywhere, discovering style has given me a new way to communicate so I don’t feel so much like an alien from a different planet”.

INTJs value intelligence and knowledge. With their inner vision combined with mobilizing action orientation, they are supreme and competent strategists when at their best. Leaping tall intellectual buildings in a single bound, they have great ideas combined with a driving need to deliver – they apply their ideas in concrete and useful ways. Confident, driven and ambitious according to self-defined goals, they excel in bringing structure and improvement to any space they decide to occupy.

The INTJ is on an intelligent style quest, independent and scientific

Style advice for INTJs finding their style

Here are seven keys for the INTJ on her style quest.

Research and read

For INTJs, finding their style often comes after reading and researching about style for some time. If intrigued by style, they will seek to work out why things are the way they are, how style works, why certain rules exist and whether there’s a better way of approaching style.

Gathering information is a key strength for the INTJ, who may need a further prompt to turn that information into personalized action, and to work on her own style. Often taking a scientific approach, the INTJs style will be transformed when she translates her style intelligence into making changes and improvements to her own style.

Adapt as required

As a natural strategist who sees things often unseen by others, INTJs are in an excellent position to take style information gleaned from a variety of wide, and perhaps unexpected sources, and adapt this information to suit their unique situation.

INTJs are objective and adaptable – a beautiful combination for gathering style data, rules, systems and approaches then fashioning an inventive solution which may incorporate only a portion of all the original data gathered.

Expressing the complex

Many INTJs report they find value in using clothing and accessories to express different aspects of their complex personality depending on mood and the occasion. Valuing input from respected sources, they will nevertheless want to chart their own style course in their independent way.

Use a style process

Many INTJs will benefit from following a style process that follows these four stages, in broad terms:  Starting with an understanding of the function and utility of individual items and their entire wardrobe, the INTJ then moves to a strategic research phase where information is gathered (perhaps from a wide and unexpected set of sources), from there progressing into a hunting and acquiring phase where chosen items are pursued and (hopefully) purchased, then in the executing phase , improvising (always improvising!) to create the very best look possible.

Understand the paradigms and patterns

INTJs have a well-honed ability to identify the underlying patterns, designs and connections in any system they are exploring – and style is no exception. Encouraged to celebrate this skill, the stylish INTJ picks up on these patterns and uses them exquisitely in her style expression, cutting out unnecessary time and energy to improve the efficiency of her style systems, from every day dressing, to laundry and wardrobe maintenance, and even packing.

Move from theory to specific application

The turning point is often when enough information about style has been gathered, combined with an event or prompt that encourages the INTJ to go beyond the concepts into specifics. Coming to the fork in the road and taking it, the INTJ realises she now knows enough to act.

The stylish INTJ wants to chart and craft a style journey that is authentic and allows her to express her intelligence and show the world her credibility.

Shop alone

INTJs brilliant ideas may not always be so easily expressed to others and because they can often be exhausted by too much time in the company of others, shopping alone is generally recommended.

The stylish INTJ is on a quest, she knows what she’s looking for – she’s researched it, it’s part of her overall strategic style puzzle, there’s a logic to it.  She doesn’t need the company of others to make shopping fun, nor does she need the added pressure of having to be social at a time when she really wants, and needs, to be focused.

Independent, intelligent, refining - the INTJ charts her unique true style pathway

Style snapshot for INTJs

The stylish INTJ is never constrained by how others have done things before them – they seek functional improvements and creative solutions and always ask “why”. INTJs have an independent, scientific style when they are their stylish best.

In the style blueprint (part of the INTJ Style Report which you receive when you discover your style type), we describe four stages an INTJ is likely to go through as she explores and discovers for herself what style is, and means, to her – essential to the independent stylist, the INTJ conceptualizing and realizing her scientific style pathway.

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