What ESFP Style Always Has – One True Thing #3

Welcome to One True Thing #3 where we share a small, sweet, bite-sized piece of wisdom about each of the 16 Style Types.

The idea of these posts is that they are a quick read.  We liken them to liquorice allsorts.

Liquorice Allsorts are a confectionary.  Created in the late 1800s and originally called “chips, rocks, buttons, nuggets, plugs and twists” because of the variety of treats in each bag, all of the sweets/candies/lollies are of similar size and have other consistent qualities amongst their differences.

And so it is with these nuggets of truth about style as well as other aspects of life and beinghood — each bite-size piece is a similar size to the others, made of similar but not the same ingredients, and are different in some way.

One True Thing #3

ESTJs and Drama

Have a very low tolerance for anything edging near personal drama.  And let’s not even talk about tantrums.

ENTJs and Efficiency

Streamline queens so they can squeeze every drop of goodness out of every day.

ENFJs and Savoir-faire

Great at diffusing tensions and bringing disparate viewpoints together with aplomb.

ESFJs and Planning

Especially loved pursuits or for loved ones, preparing in advance is fun!

ESTPs and 1000-Pound Gorillas

If there’s one in the room, they’ll be the ones to point it out.  Ah – now we all see it.

ENFPs and Sensitivity

Will pick up on any mixed messages and become confused or mistrust the source.

ESFPs and Style

Often find their most stylish self always has a touch of casual to it. It’s always accessible, even when flamboyant.  Queens of swing.

ENTPs and Debate

Hypotheticals or real-life dilemmas, if it’s a hearty exchange of heated-up ideas and perspectives, they’ll be into it.

ESFP style is like no other - what is the one quality you almost always find with ESFP style?

ISTJs and Justice

Highly attuned to rights and wrongs and will move from mild-mannered to sword-bearing sentinel if roused.

INTJs and Perspective

Can see things from many angles. Could be this, could be that, could be something else entirely.

INFJs and Socializing

Gets into it under specific circumstances – may get so engaged they forget they said they’d leave after 30 minutes.

ISTPs and Pace

Deliberateness and correctness are the prompts for action – not speed.  Put your energy into something else – not rushing them.

INTPs and Rabbit Holes

Can get lost down these for quite some time, following an intriguing fact.

INFPs and Listening

A brain most hard wired to listen.  They listen at multiple levels, for many and varied things. They are the listening whisperers.

ISFPs and Family

Family of the human and furry kind are central to their sense of self and place in the world.

ISFJs and Sincerity

Deeply sincere in their affections and sympathies.

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