How 16 Style Types Was Conceived

Discover the background on how 16 Style Types was conceived and why finding your style type will unlock your true style personality with this research driven explanation of how psychological type (Myers Briggs) influences your style choices.

Launching a new product is like having a baby.   You grow and nurture what you are creating until it is fully formed (though still has some growing to do, you need to birth it to continue its growth) and then take a huge step and launch it into the world where it will hopefully get up and go, but there are likely to be some stumbles and falls along the way.

When Did You Have the Idea for 16 Style Types?

In 2014, the idea for 16 Style Types was born through a series of conversations the co-creators, Jill Chivers, Imogen Lamport, and Jane Kise, had over a few months.  Since 2014, we’ve been working steadily to discover the correlations between style and psychological type.

Individually, the three of us have always known that your personality influences what you choose to wear (this is why you have that experience when walking into a department store and think “who would wear that ugly thing?” knowing full well that someone else will love it).  When we joined forces, it was a hothouse of ideas and possibilities on how we could approach an intelligent marriage between style and personality, using the 16 personality model of human development.

how the 16 Style Types based on Myers Briggs psychological type were conceived

Why Did You Think There Was a Relationship Between Style and Psychological Type?

As an experienced image consultant, Imogen Lamport was seeing (and still sees) first hand, daily, how each client likes and dislikes certain clothing elements and has a different approach to style, image and fashion, based on their own personality preferences.  Without understanding the influence of personality, it’s impossible to help her clients create the wardrobes and outfits that make them feel great, give them confidence and work for their life.

As a facilitator and coach working with high performing leaders and teams around the globe, Jill Chivers was seeing (and still sees) the impact that understanding your personality has on your relationships.  By increasing your self-awareness through a respected, reliable and researched model such as the 16 personalities model, you can develop a respectful language to talk to and understand better people who are legitimately different to yourself.

And as an author of dozens of books on psychological type, leadership, communication and education, speaking at conferences around the world on these topics, Dr Jane Kise was reporting on (and still reports on) the dynamic nature of personality on how women choose to present and dress themselves.

It was, and is, so very fascinating:  there simply must be a connection between personality type and style!

All those observations and all those years of experience working with people in the fields of personal style and personality development (60+ years combined for all three of us) lead us to the development and creation of 16 Style Types.

Game Changer

We believe that 16 Style Types is a game changer in the world of fashion and style, and will positively impact in the field of psychological type.  We have discovered why, for example, an INTJ will approach their style choices so differently from an ESFP – her four-letter type opposite.  We have discovered what is absolutely essential to an ENFJ when it comes to her style, and how that differs markedly from what her four-letter type opposite ISTP requires, or what her cousin in style, the INFJ, needs.  We understand what matters most to an INFP who has been travelling her style journey for some time, and how that differs to an INFP just beginning on her style journey.

And so on and on for each of the 16 Style Types.  They are each unique, and uniquely beautiful.  There are important differences between the 16 style types, and important nuances within each style type.  We have researched this by interviewing women of the 16 style types and verifying our discoveries with women of those style types from all around the world.

The way each style type thinks and feels, how they each take in style information, how they are energized and how they approach the world – it all influences every style choice they make and how they journey along their own style pathway.

Watch the video

Jill Chivers and Imogen Lamport discuss in this video how the 16 Style Types idea came to fruition and what you’ll discover inside your Style Type report.


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