The Style Dreamer – Intuition and Feeling (NF) Super Style

Understand the Intuition and Feeling (NF) Super Style - how your Myers Briggs Type approaches style

The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF) Super Style takes a values approach to style, creating a unique look congruent with principles

The four style types who prefer iNtuition and Feeling are

The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling

Those who prefer NF are guided in life by their beliefs, insights and passions, have a sixth-sense about people, and work to create necessary change in the world.  They need to understand the overarching purpose to appreciate the details.

They frequently ask question such as:

  • What is the overarching purpose?
  • How will we communicate benefits and value to everyone?
  • Why are we doing this?  Will there be opportunity for me and others to grow?

NFs enjoy communication that is full of new insights, big picture oriented, associative, harmonious, concerned with growth and is a fuel for brainstorming.

NFs balance needs of conformity with catalyzing change and creating new perspectives.  They find unexpected connections among ideas and often arrive at the heart of things quickly and gracefully .


How the Style Dreamer NF Comes to Style

The four NF style types come to style through an interest, however oblique, in art and the artistic, and a desire to express their uniqueness.  Their interest in style is quite natural in the sense that it isn’t externally prompted or driven by a need to achieve an outcome (although that may come into the picture later) or to present a particular image to the world.

The NF interest in style may start as a completely self-oriented pursuit; it’s inwardly prompted with an outward expression, and is about nourishing one’s inner core.  Often accompanying this is a subtle independence – not particularly caring what others think about their style (unlike most of the SFs, who do care).

The NF style may be guided by a desire to connect more authentically with others, to balance the need for unique self-expression with the needs of others and/or the need to communicate more clearly what they are contributing.

This is where the NF style journey can take a turn: realizing that their strikingly authentic and values-oriented approach may be getting in the way, that they are not coming across in the way they want to.

Understand the Intuition and Feeling (NF) Super Style - how your Myers Briggs Type approaches style

The Style Dreamer NF Approach to Style

The NF approach to style is defined by a drive for unique expression, to nurture the soul, to wanting their clothing to flow from the stories that define them and that they want to share.

NFs have a deep need to live congruently with their values, more so than any other of the Super Styles, and this applies in every aspect of their lives including style and how they dress, shop, and curate a wardrobe.

One block to style expression is the realization that they may have travelled partway in figuring out what works for her and then moved onto other ideas and pursuits – without ever really claiming a style.

NFs would never want to value the material over connection and contribution; they are the living definition of “substance over style”.

The prompt to invest in her style journey may be realizing that improving her style can increase her ability to bring others together.  She may be liberated by claiming style rules and defining a unique style journey in ways that streamline looking good while increasing authenticity.

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