Charismatic, Imaginative, Vibrant: The ENFP Style Pathway

The ENFP strikes her beautiful, and beautifully unique, style pathway in an inspiring, charismatic and vibrant way that connects and inspires

Style is deeply, truly, madly and conclusively personal and our research has shown that finding and expressing your style is approached quite differently by each of the 16 style types. Each of the 16 style types approaches their style journey differently. In this article we’re going to discuss the Charismatic Stylist, ENFP: The Style Inspirer.

Some Basics to Set The Scene

Here at 16 Style Types we differentiate between style essence and style expression, and our focus is on style essence. Which is why you won’t find any specific style advice on your style expression in this article such as which colors, silhouettes, styles of clothing, brands and so on will suit you – and that’s because your style essence doesn’t determine or necessarily indicate what those elements of style expression are.

Women with the same Style Type, for a variety of important reasons, may not find the same kinds of clothing suit them. What they will have in common, though, are similar ways of acquiring trusted information, evaluating options, making choices, and experiencing style in significant ways, which are the concepts we focus on in this article.

Any images in this post are to act solely as possible interpretations of the spirit of this Style Type, (not as a literal example of what this Style Type may wear, might suit them or what they may choose to wear, and certainly not as a recommendation of what they should be wearing). The images exist only to illustrate and illuminate, not mandate or dictate.

The articles are also published in their Style Type pairs showcasing images which may serve to illustrate the differences (again in essence) in those pairs – so here that means ENFP with INFP.

The Charismatic Stylist, ENFP: The Style Inspirer

For many ENFPs, style is a loaded question, style is a dragon to be slain, style is a puzzle to be solved. If she hasn’t had any opportunity or driving need, style may have been put on the very back burner through her early years, or for many years into adulthood. Once prompted, by the external source mentioned above, the ENFP may become convinced that style is something she must pay attention to – otherwise she will miss out on opportunities, and what could be worse than that!

“We’re all about being out there, so to engage quickly, easily, happily, and it’s easiest when the inside and outside match. If you don’t engage quickly, then you’re in your own head and that’s not a great place to be. Self-doubt creeps in. Compliments are problematic when you don’t get them, great when you do.”

ENFPs are ideas-driven people-oriented possibility makers. When you’re around them, you can have the experience of feeling that anything might happen! Often inspiring to others just by being themselves, ENFPs are people magnets, bringing people to them with their vibrant outlook on life and everything in it. Supported by a strong sense of inner values, ENFPs catalyze change seemingly effortlessly. We are drawn to them and their ingenious perspectives.

Charismatic, imaginative and vibrant - the ENFP style pathway
How ENFPs can find their style

Here are seven suggestions for ENFPs on their style quest.

It’s an ongoing process

For ENFPs, finding their style can be a lifetime’s pursuit, perhaps starting later in their career or after a prompt such as seeing themselves in a photograph or receiving feedback that tells them their style isn’t quite as pulled together or of a high enough standard as they initially thought it was. As brutal as this may initially be, it can also be brilliant for the ENFP who is keen for her vibrant, playful insides to match her outsides.

It’s all about ideas – and sometimes you have to learn

Some ENFPs confess that in the style arena, they have fewer ideas than they do in other spheres of their life (a rarity for them, being such ideas people) and have had to learn what style is and how to do it. They may have a wardrobe full of not-quite-right or mismatched pieces that can keep them hovering in the landscape of not caring enough about style to take any definitive action.

Inspire yourself

ENFPs often overflow with vibrant ideas and see possibilities all around them. As a style asset, this is one of the most important for the ENFP crafting a style that feels authentic for her. The stylish ENFP is encouraged to get in touch with her most precious style values and then to craft her style expression around them – whatever inspires, excites, motivates and pumps her up is what her style should include.

Get the right input and tools to harness options

The turning point for stylish ENFPs can be getting input from a respected person (such as a stylish friend or professional image consultant) who gives them style principles they can leverage. Without these tools, the ENFP can remain in the land of options, spending precious time and energy looking at all the various ways they could dress, the opportunities that exist, the options that are out there… and in the process, they exhaust themselves, making style decisions from scratch all the time.

Make sure it’s meaningful

ENFPs live in a world where personal meaning is crucial – they don’t adhere to objectively imposed rules or structures if they haven’t been validated as personally meaningful to them, and the style arena is no exception.

Adapting their style approach to incorporate items and ensembles with personal meaning will result in the ENFP fully claiming her style and having her style expression reflect who she is – including her ability to make quick connections with others.

Compose a beautiful style system

Bored by too much day-to-day drudgery, ENFPs can let that part of their style approach slide if they can’t see any value in creating up-front a beautiful style system, of their own imagining, to act as a solid foundation. Without this style foundation, the stylish ENFP can be stuck in the land of options options options when she really needs to make quick style decisions then move on.

Shopping, getting ready for the day, maintaining a beautifully functional closet space – these are all areas where a beautiful style system can support the ENFP, freeing her to move onto more interesting endeavors.

Feedback is crucial

ENFPs often report that positive feedback is crucial. Without it, they don’t know if their style is right and is working. This is where stylish friends and/or valued professionals can play a crucial role in helping the ENFP find and maintain a consistent, vibrant style.

A style pathway like no others, the ENFP strikes her own charismatic inspiring pathway

The skinny on ENFP style

The stylish ENFP infects others with her enthusiasm and vibrancy. ENFPs have a charismatic, inspiring style when they are their stylish best.

In the style blueprint (part of the ENFP Style Report which you receive when you discover your style type), we describe four stages an ENFP is likely to go through as she explores and discovers for herself what style is, and means, to her – an invaluable resource for the charismatic stylist, the ENFP inspiring others and herself along her unique, uniquely beautiful, and authentic style pathway.

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