Why ENFPs Need Options – It’s Part of Their Style Essence

Idealistic and inspiring, ENFPs excel at drawing others into their world of big ideas and outside-the-square thinking.  Their style essence balances their need for freedom to dress as they please and creating interesting and often novel ensembles, with the need to streamline their style approach so they don’t get overwhelmed with reinventing-the-wheel options every day.

ENFP Style Essence

Change Makers

High-energy catalyzers of change, ENFPs shake things up with their curious and visionary approach to almost everything they do.    They consider themselves a big presence in any room and their clothing choices work best for them when their impact is taken into consideration – should ensembles be toned down or ramped up, to support or amplify any other messages being communicated?

Style Talks

Stylish ENFPs are on board with the idea that their style is part of their communication package.  What they wear, how they wear it, how comfortable they feel in their clothing – it all contributes to the connection they are making with others.  Style is a useful tool to be respected and used to aid in making these connections as authentically, and as quickly, as possible.

Options and Opportunities

Keen on keeping options open as long as possible, ENFPs are the queens of opportunity – their radar is tuned to what might be possible, and this drives them to keep the door open on major style decisions longer than for many other style types.  This can lead them to keep items for longer than their ‘use by’ date, but also to composing unique ensembles from existing pieces and finding an innovative take on an old favorite.

The Charismatic Stylist, ENFP: The Style Inspirer

What is the style essence of the ENFP? Discover how the ENFPs style essence influences their wardrobe


The freedom to choose is an essential part of the ENFP DNA – it is so interwoven in who they are, any attempts to curb or constrain will be met with strong resistance.  When it comes to style, this can manifest in a few ways.  One is a resistance to style rules and wanting to ignore anything that appears too limiting (even if the advice is sound).  Another is making too many random choices, resulting in a haphazard wardrobe that doesn’t “work”, and requiring too much time, energy and skill to wrangle an optimal outfit from.  Yet another is insisting on dressing exactly as she pleases, even if that means she “misses the mark” from an overall impression perspective.  All these drawbacks can be overcome by the ENFP creating and consistently using a refined style system and/or personalized style rules – streamlining the big (overall look and approach to wardrobe) through to the details (getting ready every day in an efficient and authentic way).

Get the Low-Down on Your ENFP Style Type

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