The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF) Super Style

Sensing and Feeling SF super style - discover more about how your Myers Briggs Type influences the way you dress and approach style

The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and  Feeling (SF) Super Style takes an artistic, detailed approach to style, creating a welcoming, friendly look

The four style types who prefer Sensing and Feeling are:

The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling

Those who prefer SF like to help others in practical ways and building relationships with others.  They place a high emphasis on harmony in their environment and interactions with others.  They enjoy beauty in many forms.

They frequently ask questions such as:

  • Who will be affected?
  • Who will do it?
  • How will it be done?

SFs enjoy communication that is  personal and personalized, empathetic with their role, practical with examples, sequential and centred on maintaining relationships.

SFs take criticism very personally and struggle with logic without soul.  They need the details and specific examples to grasp any theory or high level concepts.


The Style Aesthetician SF Approach to Style

The four SF style types come to style, often at a young age, with a natural interest in aesthetics.  Note that this interest is often inspired by mothers, grandmothers, sisters, peer or social groups—there is always a “relationship” element to style for SFs.

The SF interest in style is deeply personal. In some respects, this is the most ‘natural’ of the four Super Styles, being prompted internally rather than by an external drive for an outcome.

The SF interest in style often starts with no particular purpose in mind; style is simply fun and interesting. There’s also some preening involved, and an ‘outward focus’ (including for the two Introverted style types) here: how others view them and appreciate their style and their aesthetic expression, is often part of the picture – not so much to impress, but from a relationship perspective, to relate to others and have them relate to the SF.

The SF style is defined by a thorough and detailed attention to color, textures, style trends and personal taste, presenting oneself as a welcoming woman of style.

It’s taking a playful yet artistic approach to style and the aesthetic, and often in many areas, not just personal style – home styling and décor for example.

Understand the Sensing and Feeling (SF) Super Style -

What are the Blocks to the Style Aesthetician SF Becoming Stylish?

Blocks to style expression include placing pleasing others or following the rules imposed or suggested by others over what works for the SF.  An example is dressing to fit in with a peer group or to please a mother with very definite ideas on style do’s and don’ts.

SFs may pour their artistic energy into creating a welcoming home, or into creating or curating art, or some other arena of their life where an aesthetic and/or artistic bent is employed; style isn’t always directed at their personal style and wardrobe.

The prompt to invest in their style journey may be the realization that finding that the “right” look furthers their ability to be successful in other important areas of their life, such as at work.

She may also come to value style as another way to be creative, to relate to or to entertain others, or amuse herself.

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