Whimsical, Free-Spirited, True: The ISFP Style Pathway

ISFP behind the scenes style pathway - artisan, whimsical, true

There are many approaches to style, and our 16 style types have helped many women develop and express their unique sense of style. Each of the 16 style types approaches their style journey differently. In this article we’re going to discuss the Whimsical Stylist, ISFP: The Style Artisan.

Foundations First

Here at 16 Style Types we differentiate between style essence and style expression, and our focus is on style essence. Which is why you won’t find any specific style advice on your style expression in this article such as which colors, silhouettes, styles of clothing, brands and so on will suit you – and that’s because your style essence doesn’t determine or even indicate what those elements of style expression are.

Women with the same Style Type, for a variety of important reasons, may not find the same kinds of clothing suit them. What they will have in common, though, are similar ways of acquiring trusted information, evaluating options, making choices, and experiencing style in significant ways, which are the concepts we focus on in this article.

Any images in this post are to act solely as possible interpretations of the spirit of this Style Type, (not as a literal example of what this Style Type may wear, might suit them or what they may choose to wear, and certainly not as a recommendation of what they should be wearing). The images exist only to illustrate and illuminate, not mandate or dictate.

The articles are also published in their Style Type pairs showcasing images which may serve to illustrate the differences (again in essence) in those pairs – so here that means ISFP with ESFP.

The Whimsical Stylist, ISFP: The Style Artisan

For many ISFPs, style can be a box and they don’t want to be boxed – not in any area of their life, and certainly not when it comes to their style. Their style is often eclectic, it depends on what they feel for the day, where they are going. They crave variety in their wardrobe, to wear what they feel like.

“Versatility is very important – things can morph across style continuum, you need to play in multiple spaces. You just don’t buy for one outfit, you buy for multiples and make it work. I see things other might miss, unique things, what might work together. It’s important to be flexible, and to be who I am no matter where I am. I used to care about how people perceived me through my style but don’t think it is anymore. Age or strength of personality? Part of my style is not caring what other people think, I don’t care what grandmas are ‘supposed’ to be wearing. Part of growing into your style is understanding that you aren’t the same as everyone, so you don’t have to be the same.”

ISFPs are innately in tune with the environment – the people and things that make up their space. They live in the here and now and have a strong affinity for all things beautiful and aesthetic, including nature and often animals. Hands-on and action-oriented, ISFPs thrive in situations where they can be creatively independent. Reserved and hard to get to know, they are deeply caring and often like to be of service to others, either at work or outside it.

The ISFP on her whimsical, free-spirited style pathway!

Playing around to find ISFP style

Here are seven parameters for the ISFP playing around with her style.

An artistic bent, although perhaps not in an expected way

For ISFPs, finding their style may have started early in life, perhaps through the influence of older sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts. They usually have a love of style and beauty in one form or another – clothing, art, color, home décor, and related arenas where they can engage their often highly developed sense of the artistic and aesthetic beauty.

Strike a unique style pathway

Never one to ‘color by numbers’, the ISFP will want to strike her own style path, drawing on her mood and what calls to her. When the ISFP adds some education into the mix, she can create a unique, perhaps quirky, sometimes even eccentric, look that still plays enough within the rules to be acceptable in many work environments.

Make it natural

Many ISFPs are deeply attuned to their surroundings, love nature, and appreciate beauty in many forms. For the stylish ISFP, she may find that bringing these aspects into her style give her a sense of calm and creativity (two elements ISFPs often crave).

Making it natural can be achieved in many ways including using nature-inspired color palettes in outfits, wearing natural fibres, fabrics and textures, bringing in accessories that are made from natural materials, or using a nature-inspired motif (anything from florals to animal prints) as a signature style if that’s what floats her style boat.

Variety is the spice of life

ISFPs are adept at embracing change, and often create it albeit in personal ways most of the time. The stylish ISFP knows this about herself and ensures that the new and the exciting are always part of her style situation.

Depending on other factors, such as personal values around appearance, budget and lifestyle, the ISFP may opt to keep all things style bouncing around in inexpensive yet whimsical ways.

Uniqueness balanced with flexibility

Many ISFPs take a unique approach to developing their style and daily outfits, balancing uniqueness with flexibility. They will often develop an outfit around a special single piece or define a theme for how they’ll dress for the day, or the week.

They report being happiest in clothes that are not the same as the person next door, they seek a point of difference, not to say, “Here I am” like an extravert, but because they enjoy items that are different for their own amusement.

Creative self-expression balanced with pragmatism

The turning point is often the need to balance the interest in aesthetic beauty and creative self-expression with other practical considerations such as what is required at work, or it may be recognizing that their minimalist approach is getting in the way and blocking people from seeing other contributions they are making.

Knowing they can still experiment and add in those individual pieces can help the ISFP achieve the right style balance – a true style that is always interesting.

Experiment and take risks

ISFPs are spontaneous to the point of being unpredictable at times. They love to move where the spirit takes them and when applied to their style this can result in quirky, whimsical and experimental looks and approaches that amuse them.

Also a great antidote to possible style boredom, ISFPs are encouraged to tap into their sense of playfulness in all things sartorial. Mix patterns and prints, op shop for slow fashion, combine pieces from different eras, repurpose and upstyle, or simply go with whatever takes her fancy right now.

Whimsical, artistic, free-spirited - the ISFP has a style pathway like no other!

ISFP style in brief

The stylish ISFP uses her natural eye for the artistic, the decorative, and the beautiful and combines it with her hands-on playful experimental side to craft an authentic style experience. ISFPs have a whimsical, artisan style when they are their stylish best.

In the blueprint (part of the ISFP Style Report which you receive when you discover your style type), we describe four stages an ISFP is likely to go through as she explores and discovers for herself what style is, and means, to her – a supportive resource for the whimsical stylist, the ISFP working behind the scenes to define her artisan style pathway.

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