Exploring Super Styles – My Dream Wardrobe

Most of us dream of the perfect wardrobe – a space that works ideally for us and our preferences for the clothing we own and how they are organized or displayed so that our space just works.

Sadly, in reality, most of us have to make compromises with our wardrobes due to the practical realities of .space and other factors such as budget and lifestyle.  But it’s still very informative to consider what your dream wardrobe would be like.

Which is what we did – we asked the question about what your dream wardrobe would be for you on our Facebook Page, and then we collated the responses by Super Style. Understanding your Super Style brings you into closer contact with the essence of your personality, of how you approach life and why you are the way you are.

These four Super Styles are the two middle letters of a person’s psychological type:

  • Sensing and Feeling (SF) – this is the Style Aesthetician
  • Sensing and Thinking (ST) – this is the Style Pragmatist
  • iNtuition and Thinking (NT) – this is the Style Strategist
  • iNtuition and Feeling (NF) – this is the Style Dreamer

Understanding your Super Style will give you a broad overview of what makes up the essence of your unique Style Type.

In this series of posts, you”ll get to read the responses of our readers and participants in response to our Facebook posts on style topics, illustrating some of the similarities between the Super Styles.

Exploring MBTI Super Styles through Examples

My dream wardrobe is…

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • No irritation anywhere. Based in blue, but interesting colours to go with it. Mostly relaxed with the ability to go impress the people I need to with not much effort. Eminently comfortable and whimsical (INTP)
  • Full of beautiful quality items that mix and match effortlessly that somehow miraculously make me look tall and slender (INTP)
  • Beautifully organised so I can find things quickly (INTJ)
  • Edgy, dynamic, colourful, dramatic, juxtapositioned, fresh! (ENTP)
  • Full of vibrant coloured clothing (in my palette of course!) that has been selected for me by someone else using my criteria! Each item is just right on all style dimensions, comfortable and suits my lifestyle and location. Not too much as I am able to create many outfits with the pieces. Arranged by garment type and colour. When I need something new, several perfect options appear and I select the one that makes me smile. The perfect no effort closet (ENTJ)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • My dream wardrobe would be mix and match capsules for each season with different sets of coordinating accessories to vary the outfits. I would want them all beautifully organised and everything easy for me to reach! (ISFJ)
  • A neutral and colourful wardrobe of comfortable fabrics in pieces that fit me well. From exercise and outdoor wear, to everyday casual a couple of dress ups and something fancy. A wall of scarves and necklaces and another wall of shoes… but not too too many things , just the right amount (ISFJ)
  • Beautiful curated with wonderful fabrics, interesting details and tailored to perfection so that everything fits along with rows upon rows of necklaces, shoes and handbags in a room painted in a soft neutral with a velvet poof, 3 way mirror and a crystal chandelier. I can picture it perfectly in my head (ESFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • Torn between everything in a suitcase and a well lit, well mirrored dressing room in which the right clothes magically arrive. Or maybe what I want is a magic suitcase (INFP)
  • Full of linen and velvet pieces ( not on the same pieces). There would be dresses, tunics, loose pants, leggings, coats and scarves and shawls. These would all be on hangers. There would be a wall of pigeon holes for shoes, boots and handbags/purses. Peg board for necklaces and stackable storage for earrings. Everything would be on show and easily accessible. There would be a beautiful velvet chair and full length mirror. All of this is behind doors which can concertina and open to show the lot. The clothing pieces are curated in fabric, then colour, then types. All in all, a sensual delight for the senses (INFP)
  • My own private space. A small room maybe. Neutrally decorated in a soft white, with wooden (walnut) pullout shelves for bags and shoes, double half height rails as well as a small full length section, drawers for smalls, sweaters and tee shirts. A full length mirror and good recessed lighting. A dressing table with makeup and jewellery storage and a 10x magnification lit mirror, and a padded stool to sit on that tucks underneath when not in use. The clothes would be in a range of soft cool blues and greys, minimal rainbow colours. Quality items in cotton, silk, linen and wool. Leather shoes, no high heels. Exercise, renowear and other practical items included but behind closed doors or in drawers. Everything on open rails, hooks or shelves to look serene and harmonious. If the room was large enough, a comfy armchair. The whole to be a sanctuary, that has a subtle, pared back vibe. Nothing too much (INFJ)
  • Full of interesting pieces which I keep finding another way to wear (ENFP)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • My dream wardrobe is a neat, uncluttered and organized space with similar items hanging together by type and colour. It consists of versatile items which fulfil my needs mostly built on basics, I like to add my personality with accessories. Many items are duplicates in different colours (ISTJ)
  • My dream wardrobe would be color-coordinated. I would always have something appropriate to wear for every occasion. It would also be full outfits – top-to-toe looks that co-ordinate easily. Everything is together in one space so I know exactly where it all is. It’s an organized wardrobe, everything organized type of garment, by shirts, tops, skirts, pants, jackets with a separate space with the special occasion clothes so they are not taking up prime space. My ideal wardrobe would have good quality classic items with a twist, items as I don’t change with the fashion (ESTJ)
  • My dream wardrobe is a selection of good quality (best I can afford) clothes which are comfortable to wear, classic in cut, solid or subtly patterned and easy to care. I really like uniform clothing, so that would be the basis – and then a few standalone garments for the days on which I do not feel like wearing uniforms. Plus some colourful shoes, my which are my weak spot (ISTJ)

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