Exploring Super Styles – Your Style Downfall

All of us have aspects to our style that trip us up or let us down in some way.  We might consider these things our style downfall – the things that get in the way of us feeling our most stylish, and experiencing ourselves as being stylish and looking good.

This can happen when there’s something in the way dressing authentically, when we’re at odds with our style in some significant way.  It’s an uncomfortable place to be, but it’s illuminating to reflect on what trips us up when it comes to our style – forewarmed is forearmed!  You can make better choices once you are aware of what’s getting in the way of your authentic style.

The Super Styles are a great way to look at your style, and it’s a great way to organize the responses to these intriguing style questions.  There’s only four groups, instead of the 16 Style Types so you stand back and take a big picture look at how you’re approaching your style through the lens of these four fabulous Styles:  the SF Style Aesthetician, the ST Style Pragmatist, the NT Style Strategist, and the NF Style Dreamer.

In this series of posts where we explore the Super Styles, we’ll be taking the responses to our Facebook post questions about style and sharing them with you, grouped by Super Style, to illustrate the way that each of the Super Styles goes about style.

Exploring MBTI Super Styles through Examples - Style Downfall


What’s your style downfall?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • Liking the idea of clothes far more than I like to wear them (INTP)
  • Not being able to translate what looks good in theory or on a hanger to what works well on me. But perhaps it might be more about not giving any time or effort vs not being able to (INTP)
  • Loving styles that are out of fashion and not able to find any clothes that suit. dressing so I have to make as few decisions as possible! (INTP)
  • Choosing by colour (I have 7 very similar cobalt blue tops), lusting after styles I like but don’t like me so when I buy what fits I feel short-changed (INTJ)
  • Constantly looking for new looks for variety and then reverting to the shapes and finishes that I already own because they’re ultimately the best for me! (ENTP)
  • Not enough prints because nothing quite fits the looks I want to create. The colour/fit/print is never quite right. Spending too much time planning outfits without seeing what they actually look like – and never wearing them because the fun bit is the planning (INTJ)
  • Saving all the options I ever encounter (INTP)
  • Having a clear picture of what I want to buy and then, guess what, it isn’t available in the stores or doesn’t fit. Sooner rather than later I quit trying to find items (ENTJ)
  • I love buying the same thing in different colours it works (INTJ)
  • Running out of time in the morning before work as I like experimenting & am a mood dresser- so I may have to wear the less than perfect outfit, also trying to make something work when I should just get rid of it (INTJ)
  • Overthinking (INTJ)
  • Not planning before I buy – drawn by colour and buy impulsively (INTJ)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • Thinking I’m 6’ tall and a size 8 when I’m really 5’6 and a size 18 (ISFJ)
  • This works against me when I do so much catalogue and online shopping. The item shows up at the house and I’m like, that doesn’t look right! (ISFJ)
  • Buying something just because it’s in the sale and a good reduction, then ending up with too many “orphans” in my wardrobe (ISFJ)
  • Buying duplicates “just in case” — just in case I wear out my favorite version of it… just in case my favorite version can never be found again… just in case I feel I can’t wear my favorite version because it’s too good so I buy another version of it so I don’t wear out or spoil my favorite… just in case I’ll never find anything as lovely as this ever again (ESFJ)
  • I buy a lot of nice pieces that make great outfits but don’t wear them as much as I should. Tend to save things for events, when I could use most of my wardrobe every day (ISFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • Wearing the same style just in different colours (INFJ)
  • Going for what is comfortable and easy. Indecision over options (ENFP)
  • Laziness. Going for whatever is easiest (INFP)
  • Not being organised so the items which would combine to give the look I fancy in that moment aren’t available, not washed or I can’t find them. I have to compromise and am then dissatisfied (INFP)
  • I see a lifestyle rather than the clothes one would have living that lifestyle. I don’t want to fuss much with getting dressed. It’s as though I need to intuit the result without using the reasoning part of me (ENFJ )
  • In a brick and mortar store, I frequently swear that I will have a good look around but then see so much blah that I walk out after a fast minute (ENFP)
  • I have in mind what I want before shopping. Having my Intriguing palette in my purse always helps. If I don’t find something suitable I have learned to walk away (ENFP)
  • Buying something that is too unique and struggling to figure out what to wear it with, how to accessorize, when to wear it (INFJ)
  • Having only one flattering silhouette that is boring and not always comfortable. Wanting to not care about how I look all the time (INFP)
  • Falling in love with something unusual then never wearing it because I’m worried about what others will think (INFJ)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • I have 3 main areas. Buying the same thing in different colours, buying boring basics. Buying and returning – I won’t settle for so-so (ISTJ)
  • Too uniform-like and unchanging accessories (ISTJ)
  • I go shopping for that perfect item. It is not out there! I will often buy something that “could be perfect” with a little alteration that I may not get around to until next season. I spend so much time shopping and still don’t have anything to wear (ESTP)
  • I buy the same things over and over and my wardrobe becomes dull and staid (ISTJ)
  • It’s easy to let my style slip when I’m busy and get too caught up in other things (ISTP)

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