Vivacious, Captivating, Cheerful: The ESFP Style Pathway

Vivacious, cheerful, captivating - the ESFP gets her style going!

We know there are many approaches to style, and our identification of the 16 style types has helped many women develop their personal sense of style. Each of the 16 style types approaches their style journey differently. In this article we’re going to discuss the Vivacious Stylist, ESFP: The Style Celebrator.

Style Means Something Specific Here

Here at 16 Style Types we differentiate between style essence and style expression, and our focus is on style essence. Which is why you won’t find any specific style advice on your style expression in this article such as which colors, silhouettes, styles of clothing, brands and so on will suit you – and that’s because your style essence doesn’t determine or necessarily indicate what those elements of style expression might be.

Women with the same Style Type, for a variety of important reasons, may not find the same kinds of clothing suit them. What they will have in common, though, are similar ways of acquiring trusted information, evaluating options, making choices, and experiencing style in significant ways, which are the concepts we focus on in this article.

Any images in this post are to act solely as possible interpretations of the spirit of this Style Type, (not as a literal example of what this Style Type may wear, might suit them or what they may choose to wear, and certainly not as a recommendation of what they should be wearing). The images exist only to illustrate and illuminate, not mandate or dictate.

The articles are also published in their Style Type pairs showcasing images which may serve to illustrate the differences (again in essence) in those pairs – so here that means ESFP with ISFP.

The Vivacious Stylist, ESFP: The Style Celebrator

For many ESFPs, style is about how you present yourself, mostly clothing, but it’s an all-around “togetherness”. They may not see themselves as stylish, their need for comfort often leads them into casual territory rather than high fashion, although they are often admired for their style and sense of joie de vivre.

“Try different things, see what you like and see what looks good on you. Observe, observe, observe – stay attuned to trends and unique, bold themes you can try out. I’m not as influenced by brand and don’t think it has to cost a lot. Work with what you have, if you want to have more options rather than just a few things that are more expensive”.

ESFPs are fun-loving and love to be involved in lots of activities, especially those that revolve around people. New experiences are exciting, and they throw their optimistic and spontaneous selves into activities which float their boat. Not too interested in theoretical concepts, ESFPs do best when they can be hands-on and pragmatic, getting things going in an open and flexible way. Not too invested in overly structured or routinized environments (they kill spontaneity), ESFPs relish all of life’s experiences.

Vivacious, celebratory - the ESFP has a captivating style pathway

How ESFPs can get their style going

Here are seven tips for ESFPs getting their style going.

It’s what you love

For ESFPs, finding their style often starts when they tune into what they truly love for themselves, rather than what others around them (peer group, work colleagues) are wearing.

Discovering their style muse – themselves – may sound simple but when you are as attuned to your environment and the people in it as ESFPs usually are, it can be the premier style hurdle they must successfully clear before starting an authentic style pathway.

Experiment and play!

ESFPs often enjoy experimenting and playing with clothes and style, and don’t take it too seriously, whilst always wanting to look good. Thriving on the new and interesting, the ESFPs fun-loving nature is an asset when it comes to defining and expressing her style.

Changing things up is a special skill ESFPs bring to their outfit creation, and always with a pragmatic bent (nothing too kooky or unworkable here). A little bit of cheerful, flirtatious drama is always a good thing!

Add in some style structures

When the ESFP learns some style structures that give her room to play and still look pulled together, she is given keys to a world where she can engage, experiment and celebrate what is important to her, knowing her style is taken care of.

Comfort – but not at a cost

With a strong need to be comfortable, the ESFP style may be subordinated to the practical and comfortable to a degree that professionalism and polish is compromised or even lost.  The stylish ESFP is reminded to balance that need for pragmaticism with a little bit of polish and professionalism, especially where work is concerned.

Simple, and simply fabulous

Many ESFPS know what they like and what they need. They confess that if they wear something they wouldn’t typically wear, they can’t truly be themselves. Style must be simple, and it’s important to the ESFP that she looks like herself – not a character she’s trying to play.

The ESFP wants to be comfortable with what she’s showing and wear clothing that feels like her. With a strong appreciation for aesthetic beauty, ESFPs often have a ‘natural style’ that should be amplified and built upon. The stylish ESFP is encouraged to trust her instincts and let her beautiful vivaciousness shine through!

Make it real by taking action

ESFPs usually learn best in a hands-on, ‘applied’ environment where they get to engage their senses fully. Style is no exception – the ESFP is encouraged to go light on any theory and jump right into playing around with the tangible elements that make up her style and are available right now.

Balance this in-the-momentness with a little bit of forward planning will ensure that that vivacious style approach is always working – and workable.

The ESFP enthusiasm is a gift but completely uninhibited can leave her with a lot of interesting pieces but a wardrobe that is not as efficient or effective as it could be. The balance should always be more on the playful side, the ESFP may be encouraged to have an 80/20 approach in this way – keeping 20% of her style recipe for a little bit of structure, a little bit of forward planning, and a little bit of rules/theory.

Playful and polished

The turning point is often moving beyond what others around them are wearing into a sphere where an actively polished look is cultivated to achieve important goals, such as at work.

Knowing she can still be playful and experience all the fun of style can help the ESFP balance professional needs, especially if she has a little bit of input and guidance at strategic times to help her make the best style decisions for her.

Getting her style going in a celebratory, vivacious way - the ESFP has a unique style pathway

ESFP Style in a nutshell

The stylish ESFP often comes to style naturally and almost effortlessly, trusting her instincts to create a fun and joyful style expression. ESFPs have a vivacious, celebratory style when they are their stylish best.

In the style blueprint (part of the ESFP Style Report which you receive when you discover your style type), we describe four stages an ESFP is likely to go through as she explores and discovers for herself what style is, and means, to her – a glorious tool for the vivacious stylist, the ESFP getting her celebratory style going!

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