How ESFPs Use their Natural Flair to Create a Stylish Wardrobe

Buoyant and beguiling, ESFPs have a natural flair for optimism.  Fun to be around, their natural energy infects others with joie de vivre.  The ESFP style essence balances their need to be flexible in the moment, responding to what’s present right now, with a longer-term view that supports and underpins a strong style statement.  Too much now with no attention paid to later (it doesn’t need to be much, but it needs to be something) can equal lost opportunities being the price to pay.

ESFP Style Essence

Made You Look

ESFPs have a vivacious approach to style which makes it easy to look at them and appreciate them.  They often present a style that’s a visual delight, with harmonizing yet interesting pieces and combinations that make you smile.  It’s unpretentious, it’s free-spirited, it’s a celebration of life – and it’s lovely to look at.

ESFPs Love Style

Style is just downright fun for the ESFP.  Whether it’s for serious effect – making an impression at an interview, presenting a polished persona for an important project – or just for herself, the ESFP finds style not only easy but easy to do beautifully.  Whether it’s loving a favorite and changing it up for different looks or relishing in a unique piece nobody else can find, style is pure joy.

42 Flavors of Style for ESFPs

Variety is the spice of life, and this is even more so for our stylish ESFP friends who love nothing more than to create a different look, often creatively from existing pieces.  Her wardrobe may not be large, but she’s clever with it – making every piece work hard for her and always creating a look that suits her mood.

The Vivacious Stylist, ESFP: The Style Celebrator

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Bend – But Don’t Break

There’s a free-spirited, unspoiled quality to the ESFP that you’d never want to throw a wet blanket on by imposing too many style constrictions.  The ESFP is loathed to openly flout established style norms, but she’ll find a way around limitations that cramp her style.  The balance is when she’s in an environment where a subscription to a style credo is expected and necessary, such as at work where a uniform may be required or where style standards must be upheld.

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