Style Celebrator ESFP Strengths

Style Celebrator ESFP has a joyful and spontaneous approach to life - and style

Practical, cheerful and spontaneous, Style Celebrator ESFPs have a natural flair for optimism. Naturally upbeat Style Celebrator ESFPs are fun to be around, infecting others with their natural energy and joie de vivre. Style Celebrator ESFP style strengths are quite stunning.

Playful Pragmatism

Other SPs have a similar pragmatism, but there’s something playful that the Style Celebrator ESFP brings to her life – and to her style. The ESFP look can be light but never fluffy, it’s inviting and may be alluring, but it doesn’t flaunt or boast in an unbecoming way. There’s something so very physical in the way Style Celebrator ESFPs move, they are so comfortable in their skin, and this seeps out into the way they wear their clothing on their bodies. It’s a bit of poetry in motion.

Experimenting for Fun

Style isn’t a ‘set and forget’ exercise for Style Celebrator ESFPs, who love the ongoing process of finding, wearing, upstyling, changing up, changing entirely, and generally having a ball with their style. Style isn’t a serious endeavor – even those who make it their livelihoods bring a sense of playfulness to it. But even without it being taken too seriously, the stylishly advanced Style Celebrator ESFP always looks well pulled together.

Sartorial Common Sense

Well, it may be sartorial uncommon sense, as Style Celebrator ESFPs have a flair for style that many other style types don’t possess (except other SFs, who often share this same natural leaning to style and the artistic and beautiful). Yes, clothing and accessories must be lovely to look at, but that’s not enough – all items must perform, they must be exceptionally wearable, and wear well.

Our ESFP interviewee took to this to another level, with her workout and sports attire often being pressed into service as everyday wear, not usually as entire ensembles, but with specific pieces woven into a look that made her feel physically comfortable.

Happy to be Looked At

Other Extraverted style types can feel this way, too – happy to draw attention to themselves. The Style Celebrator ESFP quite likes the positive attention that comes from having a well-composed outfit, something that nobody else is wearing (or wearing quite like she is). Other Extraverted style types may not want to be noticed for their appearance, but the Style Celebrator ESFP is quite cool with it. It’s quite fun, really.

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