Discover Why It’s So Tricky to Define an ISFPs Personal Style

ISFP approach to style and the ISFP Style Type

There’s a subtlety to ISFPs that can defy description.  The ISFP approach to life is based on a strong sense of personal values combined with a spontaneous free-flowingness that enchants.  Deeply private, the ISFP style essence balances a need to entertain herself with whimsical style choices that simply delight her, with a need to prioritize those things that are really important to her, which may not be how she looks or the clothing she wears.  Style is fun, yes, but: there are many more important things in life.

ISFP Style Essence

With a Twist

ISFPs don’t want to stand out – often not at all, but certainly not for the wrong reasons.  They will dress appropriately for the situation, but there’ll always be a twist.  Something different or unusual, an unexpected accessory, an unusual length, a charming combination of rarely put together colors.  Whatever it is, it keeps the ISFP interested (and interesting).

ISFPs are Style Attuned

Attuned to the environment in a way few other Style Types are, the ISFP has an uncanny ability to pick up on what’s around her.  She may not always be able to put these assimilations into words, but she knows.  This translates into her style as a highly adaptive appearance, choosing clothing based on how it feels physically – does anything pinch, pull or rub or sit incorrectly on the body?  As well as how things feel emotionally – does anything not feel “like me” in any way?

ISFPs are Surprising and Subtle

ISFPs can seem like a conundrum wrapped in a riddle – seeking both a novel and often artistic expression of their style, but in a way that doesn’t seek to draw unnecessary attention.  It is this nuanced quality to their style that makes them so very fascinating – you may see them in extra wide leg pants, colorful caftans or sporting brooches on a hat – whatever it is, it will encapsulate that enchanting riddle that the stylish ISFP brings to the world.

The Whimsical Stylist, ISFP: The Style Artisan

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Make it Free

Part of the ISFP DNA is freedom.  Applied to all areas of their life, this need for freedom shows up in the ISFP style in many and varied ways.  Perhaps it’s freedom to change their mind, not only their outfit.  It may be freedom to make the expected the ‘new normal’.  Some say it’s freedom to choose their clothing unimpeded by the requirements, needs or demands of others. Or it may simply be the freedom to put together a lovely outfit based on the way they feel today.

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