Style Artisan ISFP Strengths

Style Artisan ISFP loves things a bit quirky and whimsial - in her life and her style

Strong personal values support the Style Artisan ISFP as she travels through life. Coupled with this is a free-flowing spontaneity the ISFP seeks in her activities and interactions. Private and reserved, the Style Artisan ISFP can take a long time to get to really know. Style Artisan ISFP style strengths are intriguing.

Unique Looks

Stylish ISFPs are masters are creating unique looks you simply don’t see on anybody else. Other Fs and other Ps seek uniqueness (not all, but some), but the Style Artisan ISFP finds this essential to keeping her style interesting. Even if the pieces can be found almost anywhere, the overall ensemble will have a twist, a novelty to it, that is whimsical and enchanting. It may be the pieces themselves – something different they picked up on their travels for instance, or it may be in the way she pulls it together.

How Do I Feel Today?

One of two 16 Style Types especially attuned to how they are feeling within themselves, Style Artisans ISFPs are attuned to what is going on for them. And not only how they physically feel – what does my body want me to wear today? – but their emotional well-being as well – what feels “like me” today? They will use this as a guiding light in choosing the day’s ensemble.


Style Artisan ISFPs love to experiment and come up with new and pragmatic ways of doing things others may continue to do in the same old way. In the style arena, it keeps the Style Artisan ISFP interested in her wardrobe. Some ISFPs have large wardrobes to accommodate their need to mix things up and not wear the same outfit over and over (or even more than once). Whatever their closet size, keeping the variety going through experimental ‘playshops’ is fun.

Our ISFP interviewee told us how she sets dressing challenges for herself, where she’ll wear a particular clothing brand exclusively for an entire week, or she’ll only wear wide-leg pants to work for a week – these things amused her no end and tapped into her need to experiment and play with her outfits.

It Flows

Many Ps possess this quality, which the word “flow” seems to encapsulate as well as can be. Style Artisan ISFPs have a look that seems to breathe, to move easily and freely. There’s a freedom we associate with it, it’s not stiff or staid or stuck in any way.

What Works for Me

Not content to be told style rules then follow them blindly, the Style Artisan ISFP will want to set herself on her unique style pathway, discovering what she discovers through her own journey. She may wander here, move over there, spend a little time somewhere else – her journey will be like no other woman’s, or no other Style Artisan ISFPs even. This self-directedness is a hallmark of other people with I and P in their style type code, but the pragmatic beauty ISFPs bring it makes it unique to them.

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