Style Scientist INTJ Strengths

Style Scientist INTJ has a strikingly independent approach to her life - and her style

The Style Scientist INTJ approach to life is a curious one, always seeking answers to the big question of “why”. Autonomous and analytical, Style Scientist INTJs are strongly independent, wanting to do things their own way in their own time. They don’t want to be pushed, they don’t want to be rushed, and often they don’t want to be disturbed. They have a compelling set of style strengths.

Adjusting and Refining

Excellent at seeing the entire picture then homing in on the parts that are less efficient, outmoded or simply unnecessary, the Style Scientist INTJ approach (to anything) can be ruthless (her cousin in style, the ENTJ has a similar tendency). And what a gift this can be – to strip away what isn’t required, leaving only the beautiful remains. Style-wise, this results in interesting outfits and streamlined closets where everything has a place and nothing superfluous remains.

Myth Busters

Style is a puzzle the Style Scientist INTJ seeks to solve with her scientific approach. She’ll ask “why” until the cows come home, seeking to unearth the reasons style things are the way they are… and in the process, she’ll likely discover some myths that definitely requiring busting, and some misconceptions that can be discarded.

The Style Scientist INTJ approach, like other NTs, is founded on a thirst for knowledge, and a scholarly approach to acquiring that knowledge. There’s no such thing as too much learning. One of the 16 Style Types co-founders, Imogen Lamport, exemplifies this quality, always seeking to understand and asking questions and seeking information until she does. It’s one of the reasons you’re reading this blog post now.

Side Stepping Trends

Not overly influenced by fashion trends – there’s that independence (other NTs have this too) – Style Scientist INTJs have a discerning eye when it comes to what works for them and their style. Happily leaving fashion trends in-store, they make self-sufficient choices, knowing that their style choices will always work for them.

Making it Versatile

Seeking variety (often an iNtuitive tendency), the stylish Style Scientist INTJ will fashion new-for-me ensembles out of existing pieces. Highly resourceful, and able to easily connect things in their minds’ eye others may need a map for, the Style Scientist INTJ style has a feeling of endless diversity to it. Adding in the J from her type code, the paradox can be repeating the same outfit at times, simply because she knows it works and has other things to think about besides her style.

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