Tracy Gent

Tracy Gent is a teacher and guide by training and by nature. With a degree in European Studies and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Tracy started her teaching career with young students as they made their first tentative foray at school, helping them develop their problem-solving skills and planning their next steps. Realising she wanted a better fit for her talents as a wise guide, Tracy’s passion for and skills in teaching developed even further when she became a yoga instructor where she found real joy in guiding adults to find their inner wisdom. Through her in-depth training with Yogacharya Dr M. V. Bhole, a renowned yoga therapist and instructor, Tracy’s teaching philosophy became founded on the principle that so many of the answers to life’s questions lie within.

Drawn to an interest in style, Tracy was intrigued by getting beneath the surface of why something could look fabulous on someone else but not her. Style books and television shows gave her the twinkle of insight that style isn’t always innate but could be learned. A lightbulb moment! Introduced first to Imogen Lamport and her blog and style programs, Tracy took a deep dive into style and all the many aspects that go into making someone look and feel fabulous.

Tracy’s enthusiasm for and study of style took a profound step when she was invited to become a beta tester for the 16 Style Types world-first world-class online program, Your Type of Style in 2018 developed by Imogen Lamport and Jill Chivers. Bringing her insightful curiosity into this space inspired Tracy to take her Style Type journey further and she became one of the first peer facilitators when the program was launched in 2019, bringing her deep yet subtle observational skills and guidance to participants.

In 2020 after a highly immersive two years exploring psychological type on her own, Tracy became a qualified Type Practitioner through TypePro Education, joining a class lead by 16 Style Types co-founder Jane Kise. Tracy is passionate about using her knowledge and insight to help others benefit from the online program as much as she has, having experienced this style self-discovery first-hand as a participant and then as a peer facilitator. She understands that, for some, the process of identifying their best fit Style/Psychological Type won’t always be straightforward or rapid, although the rewards for doing so are immense. Tracy is a compassionate and insightful coach who is well equipped to help smooth the way for those who seek extra guidance.

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