Patty – ENFP

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 This course is the best gift I have ever given myself! Discovering that there were actual connections between my ENFP type and clothing and style choices struck me like a lightning bolt!  I learned there are actual style tendencies and traits for each of the 16 types. What a revelation!

The YTS program has explanations for how I make decisions, why clothes “worked” one day but not the next, style challenges and strengths for my type, rules that determine how I shop, plan, and organize.  But here’s the best part! While I did each module on my own, I did not have to do this alone. The online group and moderators were honestly the most affirming, gracious and encouraging women I have ever met. The tremendous support between Imogen, Jill, and the group gave me renewed confidence in myself as I went through each module. I have learned to embrace my authentic self, and trust the clothing choices I make to express myself.

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