Sue – ENFP

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I have found Your Type of Style to be truly life-changing and enhancing for me.

I have spent most of my life, quite a few decades, being not really sure of ‘who I am’. This course has helped me determine my personality type using the best fit method based on Myers Briggs. It took me quite a few attempts because of all of the learned skills and habits that I have picked up during my life. Realising my innate preferences has helped me understand why I do and don’t do many things.

Receiving the Style Type Report has explained many of my shopping and style likes and dislikes

and the section on Dressing Styles for the style types is helping me to experiment with and discover how I can put outfits together to reveal the authentic ‘me’.

Being able to know what is my authentic style path and lifestyle has been one of the biggest benefits from doing this course.

I have also realised how the different personality types learn, interact, communicate, shop, follow or disregard rules and guidelines, my style strengths and challenges and the steps moving forward with my style.

I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in finding out more about themselves and willing to really dig deep to uncover their truths.

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