The Style Paradox ENFPs Face – One True Thing #1

What's the one true thing about your psychological Type?

Sweet, Bite-Sized Wisdom

In this series of posts which we’ll share at random intervals as inspiration strikes us, we’ll be sharing One True Thing about each of the 16 Style Types.  These nuggets of truth and wisdom will be related to style as well as to other aspects of life and beinghood.

One True Thing is a bottle of liquorice allsorts.

Liquorice Allsorts are a confectionary (sweet, candy, lolly).  Created in the late 1800s and originally called “chips, rocks, buttons, nuggets, plugs and twists” because of the variety of treats in each bag, all of the sweets/candies/lollies are of similar size and have other consistent qualities amongst their differences.

Same here – each bite-size piece is a similar size to the others, made of similar but not exactly the same ingredients, and different in some important way.  Please enjoy this first instalment of One True Thing!  There’ll be more to follow.

One True Thing #1

ESTPs and Activity

They’d sooner be out there roller-blading (or something) than in here.

ENFPs and Style

The most paradoxical in many ways — driven by ideas and possibilities to get style-motivated but need clear parameters and guidelines to make style work (and be sustainable).

ESFPs and Physicality

There’s a lithe flexibility to the way they move that makes them compelling to watch.

ENTPs and Communication

Happy to play devils’ advocate and tip the apple cart over.

ESTJs and Persistence

Their personal work and production credo has them staying the distance.

ENTJs and Diplomacy

There’ll be an ENTJ-shaped void where the thing they don’t want to do or be involved in is.

ENFJs and Confidence

They seem more confident than they often feel.

ESFJs and Depth

That upbeat friendly thing is real but there’s a wellspring of complex emotions beneath the surface.

What style dilemma do ENFPs face more than any other Style Type?


ISTPs and Focus

If they’re interested, you won’t be able to stop them. If they’re not, you can barely get them started.

INTPs and Learning

To understand the application to themselves, they have to understand the entire system.

INFPs and Actualization

Everything points in the direction of it.

ISFPs and Environment

They’re deeply affected by it.

ISFJs and Communication

Pay attention – read twice, don’t jump, scan, or skip, you’ll miss the gold.

ISTJs and Literalness

They filter most information through a literal lens.

INTJs and Containment

So much more than ever comes near the surface is going on.

INFJs and Wisdom

Their inner sage holds the light.

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