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These profiles will share the experiences, insights, and ideas of women who have been using their psychological type to explore and express their style.

Introducing Julie

Hello, I’m Julie Dsouza, a 64-year old wife, mom of 2, and grandmom of 4 who lives in Chicago, IL, USA.

I’m retired now and my husband and I love to travel the world and spend time with our grandkids, who live in different states.

Share with us an overview of your Style Type

My preferences are for ISTJ – (I)ntroverted (S)ensing (T)hinking (J)udging.

This means that I’m quiet and reserved, preferring time spent alone over loud, raucous events.  I’m practical and efficient, focusing on details and facts rather than ideas and concepts.

My decisions are based on logic and reason rather than feelings, and I strongly believe in rules, laws, and traditions. I’m very organized and methodical, some even say a perfectionist, and I’m a meticulous planner, rather than being spontaneous and flexible.

Not Everyone is Wired The Same

The biggest Ah-ha I had after seeing the different Style Types in action was realizing that not all people are wired the same, we don’t think the same, and that’s okay.

Delving deeply into my Style Type, I found out the reasons why I do and prefer the things that I do.  I now realize that I will never be happy or feel comfortable following someone else’s ‘mandates’ if they don’t fit my Style Type.

I now feel confident and quite comfortable in what has become my unique style essence.

I’m Happiest In My Style When…

I was very happy in my style when I was working in the corporate world because wearing business and business casual type clothing was very easy to put together.  It was easy to accessorize outfits, look great, and feel confident and stylish every day.

In contrast, I was the unhappiest in my style not long after I retired.  Not needing the business clothes any more, my mode of dress nosedived into the relaxed realm, matching that of my husband, wearing jeans, fleece tops, and suede moccasins during the winter, jeans and loose/baggy t-shirts during the summer.  I felt depressed and looked quite frumpy.

Learning about my Style Type, I now understand my preference in dressing styles and realize that I’ll only feel comfortable wearing relaxed clothing for workouts and nothing more.

Before and Better: learning about the links between my style and my personality

My Style Mistakes

Ohhh, I’ve had so many style mistakes that I can now look back on and determine why I made them.

Trying to dig myself out of frumpsville, I tried wearing more revealing types of tops and dresses (lower cut tops, low V-necks/wraps and the like) and felt SO uncomfortable and self-conscious.  I was told that I should wear many of these items by others who would wear them well and frequently.

After determining my Style Values and Style Aesthetic, I realized that blending in, being appropriate, and being modest rank high for me, hence my uncomfortableness in more revealing items.

“Frumpsville” – easy to see now that my style was not working

How is Your Style Linked to Your Personality?

This was such a huge eye-opener when I realized that my style is linked, and dictated, by my personality.

Because of my introversion, I prefer to blend in and not stand out, hence you will find me in more modest, classic, and elegant chic type of clothing rather than anything dramatic, creative, or rebellious.

My introverted Sensing (Si) makes me practical and detail-focused, which is why I prefer the Elegant Chic, Classic, and a little bit of the Relaxed dressing styles.

While my extroverted Thinking (Te) gives me my organization and structure preferences, again leaning toward the Elegant Chic and Classic styles.

My introverted Feeling (Fi) thrives on inner harmony, loyalty, deep relationships and personal values, and this is where my preference for the Feminine dressing style comes in.

Better style – my personality is coming through in my style now


How are your style choices meeting your innate needs including your internal motivations and desires?

This is best described by taking an excerpt from my Personal Operating Manual referencing my Style Pillars (which are a combination of my style essence and personality DNA) – something I learned in the Your Type of Style online program.

My four Style Pillars (Standard bearers for appropriate, Blending in but looking your best, Structures, rules and routines, and An eye for detail) tie in with my Values (Economic, Sensory Aesthetic, Simple, and Social), giving me a practical Style Foundation.

I thrive when my clothes are practical and comfortable with understated zing, helping me blend in while looking my best for the occasion.

Always appropriate while blending in, I like to harmonize with those around me and within my outfits, as well. I use my eye for detail to find sensory aesthetic clothing that is flattering in color, cut, and fit.

Honoring my need for simplicity, the clothes are practical for my current lifestyle and body shape, comfortable, easy to wear and care for, and understated, yet contain zing without having to add extras.

Valuing economics, my wardrobe is versatile and filled with classically cut mix and match items that can be dressed up or down for the occasion. Their higher quality makes them durable and timeless, yet they are also a great value when obtained.

Requiring structure, efficiency, and routines in my life, I prefer the uniform style of dressing and embrace wardrobe capsuling. My closet is well organized and I catalogue all possible outfits for each refinement level I may encounter, so as to be prepared for whatever the occasion requires

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