Why Rules Are So Essential to the ISTJ Style

ISTJ approach to style, ISTJ style type

Organized and with a natural inclination for planning, the ISTJ approach to life is reassuring and exacting.  Not ones to leave too many things to chance (and certainly not important-to-them things), the ISTJ style essence balances a need for appropriateness with avoiding slipping into a style rut where only what’s known to work is reached for, resulting in an overly predictable look.

ISTJ Style Essence

ISTJs Have a Meticulous Style

Whilst not exactly or always perfectionists, ISTJs strive for excellence in the important areas of their life.  There is a meticulousness to the ISTJ approach to life, and style is no different.  So long as the ISTJ has indeed put style on the front-burner, she will always want to put her best style foot forward.

Style Substance

Often serious, and seen that way by others, stylish ISTJs take a ‘substance over sequins’ approach to their style, building their wardrobe on quality basics at the cost threshold that makes the most sense for them.  Their look has a reassuring consistency to it, excellent for building trust in their often considerable abilities.

ISTJs Notice the Details

Details are important to the ISTJ, in all areas of their life.  They excel at mastering the practical specifics and see things that are simply overlooked by others.  When it comes to style, this manifests in immaculate if subtle grooming, neat and organized closets, and a getting-ready-for-the-day process that is streamlined and efficient.  Nothing is overdone, everything is in order, and the world is as it should be.

The Appropriate Stylist, ISTJ: The Style Organizer

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ISTJs are Structure Seeking

The ISTJ approach to many, if not most, things in their life is structure and organization.  There’s a methodicalness there, too – the right things happen at the right time, with no rushing or drama, and nothing missed. In style things, the rules are sought and then followed.  Rules exist for a reason, and so long as there’s a sound logical underpinning to them, the stylish ISTJ will be happy to follow them, knowing her style is being safely and beautifully expressed.

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