Style Adviser ESFJ Strengths

Style Adviser ESFJ has a need for beauty and an attractive environment - and style

Style Adviser ESFJs enjoy the company of others and being involved in projects and pursuits, and with people, they care deeply about. A driving need is for harmony, especially in important relationships, they are often considered friendly and welcoming – even to strangers. The Style Adviser ESFJ has a distinctive set of style strengths.

Getting the Look Just Right

Along with their fellow SFs, Style Adviser ESFJs come to style often early in life, enjoying attractive things. When it comes to style in the grown-up world, Style Adviser ESFJs are adept at pulling appealing ensembles together, seemingly effortlessly. They have a flair for coordination – in style and in other spheres – and often just know what colors will blend (or pop) beautifully, which shoes will turn an okay outfit into an outstanding one, and how to add an accessory or two to bring the entire thing together.

A Flair for Flair

Style Adviser ESFJs have a talent for style, there’s no doubt about it. Often considered the style type most interested in style, the stylishly advanced Style Adviser ESFJ will pay close attention to how she looks, what kind of wardrobe she’s building, maintaining a beautifully curated closet space, and how she packs and presents herself to the world. There’s not a lot left to mere chance in this stylish space. Even though this might seem like hard work to others, it’s often a source of ease and joy to the Style Adviser ESFJ.

Trademark Contrivance

Style Adviser ESFJs, like other SJ style types, require a sense of stability and continuity in their lives… and their style. Feeling secure and safe, in the many ways those words evoke, matters. The Style Adviser ESFJ will seek a signature style that she can use over and over, perhaps every day, to ground her style. One of the 16 Style Type co-founders, Jill Chivers, personifies this with her now-famous love of leopard print, which she wears every single day (even if you can’t see it, as she likes to joke).


Adding those Special Touches

It’s not enough to have the right clothing, the entire ensemble must be coordinated. This is where the Sensing function is so visible – the attention to practical details, the fine granular elements that show up in the Style Adviser ESFJ style, such as handbags coordinating with boots, tops coordinating with bangles, the exact shade showing up in multiple pieces – yet for the stylishly advanced Style Adviser ESFJ it never looks “matchy-matchy”, just perfectly right.

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