Style Traditionalist ESTJ Strengths

Style Traditionalist ESTJ enjoys balance, polish and efficiency in her style

Style Traditionalist ESTJs take charge and mobilize people, processes, and projects with great efficiency. One of the most productive of all style types, Style Traditionalist ESTJs are never happier than when faced with a set of significant tasks to be completed well within a timeframe. Their style has some definite qualities to it, too.

Smart and Well Suited

Style Traditionalist ESTJs, like other SJ style types, are in tune with what’s expected, what’s appropriate, what will be absolutely right – to do, to say, to wear. Our ESTJ interviewee told us she would be mortified turning up to an event and being inappropriately turned out, to the point she would ask the hostess if she had something more fitting she could add to her ensemble so she wasn’t standing out for her sartorially misstep.

This brings to mind those ubiquitous jackets some high-end restaurants would require t-shirt wearing patrons to don before being allowed to enter their hallowed premises, doesn’t it?

Objective and Practical

Like other Thinking style types, Style Traditionalist ESTJs are great at being objective, and like other Sensing types, they are highly practical. Combined and pointed at style, Style Traditionalist ESTJs have a finely tuned ability to be dispassionate about style, considering it a necessary and useful device in their pursuit of decided upon outcomes.

The Nitty Gritty

Other Sensing style types do details well but combined with their Extraverted Thinking, Style Traditionalist ESTJs are especially good at data. They gather, file, and refer to specific practical information required to get them dressed, get them packed, get them presenting a polished persona to the world. Their wardrobes are probably well organized using a visible system too.

On Point

Overdone and overblown are never going to be part of the Style Traditionalist ESTJs approach to anything, and style is no different. Not necessarily understated – Extraversion takes care of that – they are balanced in their approach to style. Color schemes may be less contrasting, and colors themselves more muted, subtle and in the neutral zone. Accessories of quality, classic materials – think gold, silver, and pearls.

The overall look is pleasant to the eye but never overpowering the Style Traditionalist ESTJ herself. What she’s doing, what she’s saying and who she is – these things are far more important than anything she’s wearing.

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