Exploring Super Styles – How Often Do You Shop?

What we shop for is one fascinating aspect of shopping, and so is the frequency of our shopping.  It’s interesting to reflect on your own shopping behavior and put some themes to it:  do you shop often (and if so, what is ‘often’ defined as for you?) or hardly ever?

How often do you shop?

We asked this question of real women experiencing their real style on our Facebook Page, and were intrigued by their responses!  To make it easier to get a grasp on what they said, we chunked their responses into four groups – the Super Styles.

While each of the 16 Style Types has a unique approach to style, comparing all 16 Style Types can be a bit unweildy – there’s a lot to take in with 16 categories!  To make it easier and simpler to link style with personality (using the world’s most trusted and used personality system, psychological type), we’ve chunked up to four (4) groups, by identifying the similarities we found in our research – the Super Styles.

Understanding your Super Style brings you into closer contact with the essence of your personality, of how you approach life and why you are the way you are.

These four Super Styles are defined by the two middle letters of a person’s psychological type: Sensing and Feeling (SF), Sensing and Thinking (ST), iNtuition and Thinking (NT), and iNtuition and Feeling (NF).

Understanding your Super Style will give you a useful, broad overview of the essence of your particular approach to style.

Important to remember that any model of personality is just that – a model.  No method of understanding different personalities is perfect, and psychological type is no exception – it works best when used as it was designed.

By sharing the responses of our readers to our Facebook posts, we are giving you an insight into real women experiencing their real style, and in this way shining a light on some of the similarities between the Super Styles.

How often do you shop: Do you shop a lot, or hardly ever?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • I prefer to shop online and fill my cart, but rarely actually purchase unless I absolutely love it (INTP)
  • I used to shop frequently, Now it’s rarely unless I’m away from home. I struggle to find anything that I like, that fits, that is for my lifestyle and that is reasonably priced – $900+ for a skirt is way beyond me (INTJ)
  • I shop opportunistically (probably around once a month). I never “need” to shop, I do it I a totally empowered way. I already have essentially what I need but I am always on the lookout for strategic new/interesting/one-off/upgrades to my wardrobe for future requirements. (ENTP)
  • Once every 2 weeks (ENTJ)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • I explore quite a lot, which means I like to be in a shopping environment quite often – it’s stimulating and interesting!  I’d say at least once a week, sometimes more, I’m out and about in a shopping space. I don’t always buy, it just depends on what I find and who I’m with and how I’m feeling (ESFJ)
  • shop mostly online, but I really get excited finding new interesting shops (ESFP)
  • I shop too much because I have a background in fashion and design and it’s very stimulating to me. Totally relate to Jill’s journey. Shopping is a comfort area for me especially when there is discord in my life. Setting boundaries and finding other ways to stimulate my creative side has been crucial (ESFJ)
  • I shop in bursts, fill wardrobe gaps and then might not shop again for a while, unless I just need to extrovert without talking to people, then I like to shop! (ISFP)
  • On average about every 2 weeks then maybe weekly during seasonal sales. (ISFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • It comes and goes like waves! Sometimes I shop a lot, sometimes I go through a “shopping diet” (ENFP)
  • I shop and then something new, bright and shiny comes along and catches my attention and off I go (ENFP)
  • I only shop for clothes when necessary (and 90% of it is done online). Shoes… now that‘s a completely different story… (INFJ)
  • I don’t shop, I buy. (ENFJ)
  • Very infrequently, hard to find the right color, fabric, style, fit, price. Also seeking less not more. Most successful with ad hoc approach, sneaking up on something great (new or online or charity shop) when it’s not expecting me (INFP)
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping, happy to look don’t need to purchase a thing! Love to explore (INFP)
  • I used to go to the shops, my favorites, to see what was there, or when I was bored. Now, I have found other ways to ease boredom and go far less often. In fact, yesterday, 130km away to find a pair of summer sandals. I tend to stick with stores I like or search out material to sew (plenty of material not made up yet) (INFP)
  • I would like to shop a lot more than I do. Monthly. I tend to explore and buy impulsively. Unless I have an image in my head (INFP)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • I tend to shop more heavily at seasonal changes, when I am thinking about adjusting my wardrobe colors. I also shop on vacation and pick up interesting things that are different from the selection at home (ESTJ)
  • I shop in spurts (ISTJ)
  • My family likes to shop…so they go often…I go with them only about once a month (ESTJ)
  • I shop with a purpose in mind (specific item or outfit) 4-5 times per year. (ESTJ)
  • I am a periodic shopper. I will shop for hours and days at a time, then not again for months. That’s in stores, I do browse online frequently, maybe when I’m bored.  (ESTP)

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