Exploring Super Styles – How Do You Rebel With Your Style?

When considering all the many and varied style rules that exist in the world, some women can get bogged down in the detail, trying to get every single thing perfect in every outfit. Other women are holding to a vision which they may or may not be able to actualize.  Some women are seeking to stand out with their style, others to blend in.  All of these, and many more, approaches to style reflect an attitude toward style rules — and toward style rebellion.

Some Style Types are more oriented toward knowing and following style rules, and others are barely aware they exist.  Some women would sooner chew off their right arm than be style rebellious, and for others its a driving style motivation.  Amazing how different our approaches to style — and style rules and rebellion – can be, isn’t it?

Here at 16 Style Types, our goal is to support all and every approach to style authenticity.

In our 16 Style Types Reports, we have separated Style Essence – your core self – from how you express this in your clothing – your Style Expression.  And how you relate to style rules is a part of both, your style essence and your style expression.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to approaching style rules and style rebellion– and there’s no right or wrong either.

In this series of posts exploring the Super Styles, we give you an opportunity to look at the big picture of your style:  the SF Style Aesthetician, the ST Style Pragmatist, the NT Style Strategist, and the NF Style Dreamer.

So if you’re looking to get a broad overview of your style essence, the Super Styles are a great place to start.  After that, you’ll need to get a copy of your Style Type Report to give you the details and specific information you need to chart then travel your own authentic style pathway.

How do you rebel with your style? We asked this question on our Facebook Page and have grouped the responses, from real women experiencing their real style, into the four Super Styles.

How do you rebel with your style?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • I have worn black near my face and bought brighter colors than I should. (INTP)
  • I am comfortable and moderately eclectic wherever I go – even my workplace. (INTP)
  • Comfort in shoes over color although hopefully they have some style too. Still dressing darker than is best for me but I like the look. (ENTJ)
  • I prioritize my physical health and those requirements sometimes run counter to my needs. This takes some work, psychologically, and is difficult to explain to others sometimes. And I need constant reminders to ‘stay the course’. (INTP)

Read more about the NT Style Strategist Super Style here.

The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • I’ll wear colours that are too dark or too bright for my palette sometimes. Or too high contrast. I take the dog out in the morning in my pajamas. (ISFP)
  • I  wear more volume than is recommended but it means that I’m more comfortable which is a necessity. (ISFP)
  • I still occasionally wear slightly brighter tops than my sophisticated palette, I had them before I knew what I was but don’t mind them for evenings or when I need to have some extra energy from somewhere! (ISFJ
  • I’m not sure it’s rebelling but sometimes I’ll wear something deliberately provocative — a tee with a fun emblem on the front or a mix of patterns.  I know it isn’t most flattery and probably makes me look 10lbs heavier, but it’s fun and it often generates a great style chat with someone I meet that day! (ESFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • Go classic! (INFP)
  • I wear work capsules in black and white even though I could wear what ever I liked as there is no dress code. (INFP)
  • I am so attracted to a beautiful fabric or design in item I get it even though it is does not look great on me. (ENFP )
  • I wear unflattering volume and love my creative outfit but then feel too conspicuous😳 (INFJ)
  • I don’t emphasize my small waist. (INFJ)
  • I’ll wear black or I’ll wear sweatpants or I’ll wear black sweatpants. Sometimes this girl wants her comfort! (INFP)
  • I can never wear just neutrals, some colour will just sneak in somewhere. (ENFP)
  • I pay no mind to what is in style and just suit myself. (ENFP)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • Wear black pants or darkwash jeans. (ISTP)
  • I still wear my black pants, even though black is NOT in my palette and I should be wearing overall light value. (ISTJ)
  • Even if it has a hole in it and I know it’s time to let it go, I wear my most comfortable clothing. (ISTP)

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Get the Full Details on Your Style Type in Your Style Type Report

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