Exploring Super Styles – What Was Your Favorite Thing to Wear As a Child? A Teenager?

Contrary to popular belief, many children own more than three shirts.  You probably didn’t know this because they wear the same ones every week (ask any parent who’s tried to wrangle a non-favorite item onto a child’s back to the howls of protestation that they want to wear the pink one, the pink one only!). The elements of comfort and security drive many children’s dress sense, but anything that lets a child express their style and feel comfortable and confident in themselves can only be good for their developing sense of self.

When you find something that feels nice and looks nice, it seems perfect and you want to wear it as often as possible. Children feel the same – without the social expectation for clean clothes and different daily outfits.

In this series of posts exploring the Super Styles we take a big picture look through the lens of your Super Styles – the SF Style Aesthetician, the ST Style Pragmatist, the NT Style Strategist, and the NF Style Dreamer.

As you read through the following responses to our Facebook post to this question, consider your favorite thing to wear as a child!


What was your favorite thing to wear as a child? A teenager?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • As a child anything I could run and climb in easily. As a teen in the mid-1960s I was all about my plaid wool mini skirts and jumpers! Also sunbathing at the pool in a 2 piece suit (and yes they were that and not bikinis!) (ENTJ)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • As a child I didn’t like to get dressed up because the 1950s were all about scratchy crinolines for little girls. I liked bright colours and I remember begging my mother for red corduroy pants. As a teen I loved patched bell bottom frayed jeans, flowy peasant tops, and anything brown suede. (ISFP)
  • Princess dresses (ESFP)
  • I remember being interested in clothing from a very young age.  As a child, anything from the spot dress I wore to church to the new jeans my mother bought for me when I was 12 (and how cool and grown up I felt in them).  In my teen years I remember trying out many things just to see how they felt.  I loved heels, earrings, lingerie, makeup, having a groovy hairstyle – the whole thing fascinated me.   I discovered jeans looked great on me and would find ways to dress them up and in different ways – I was always making a ‘style statement’. (ESFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • When I was a child we lived in Europe in 1968 and when visiting the UK my mom bought me some purple velvet “elephant” bell bottoms and a shiny paisley blouse on Carnaby Street in London. I felt sooooo cool. As a teenager my favorite was a denim jacket which I had embroidered a Led Zeppelin cover to the back and some to the front! (INFJ)
  • As a child I loved my red zip up cotton jacket with pockets. As a teen, I loved my light blue Audrey Hepburn capris. A yang and a yin. (INFP)
  • A 1920’s style drop waisted dress my mother made for me. I hated wearing shorts and tops. (INFP)
  • Most of the time, I wore jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. My favorite thing to wear when I was a child was a blouse with stripes and a little bow. My favorite things to wear as a teen were long full skirts, my very favorites had buttons all the way down the front. (INFP)
  • Dress-ups! (INFJ)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • As a child I had a rainbow striped tee shirt that was some type of soft terry fabric (comfortable and colorful). As a teen, I had a great yellow linen midi pencil skirt with mother of pearl buttons down the front; and another outfit was a pair of magenta silk trousers that I would wear with a matte black cropped tuxedo jacket and black velvet pumps. None of which would be in my palette now. (ESTJ)

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