Why the INFJ Has Such a Unique Style Expression

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Discriminating visionaries, INFJs seek uniqueness in many things, including their style.  Their understated natures mean they rarely seek to stand out, although they often wish to find a strong foundation to share their ideas, listen to others and communicate what is most important to them.  The INFJ style essence balances this driving need for uniqueness and a unique expression, with the need to be heard and seen for the right reasons.

INFJ Style Essence

INFJ Perception

INFJs rely on a trusted and keenly felt perception that is high attuned to everything they encounter in the world.  They hold an inner vision – of most things, but certainly of their style and what they want their style to be, and to look like, and to feel like.  Matching this inner style vision up with reality – clothing to be purchased in stores, items to be combined in the wardrobe – is often where the INFJ can encounter a frisson of disappointment as the vision can’t always be realized.

INFJs Create a Unique Style

It’s worth saying again because it is one of the hallmarks of the INFJ approach to style – their need for a unique expression in what they wear.  This may manifest in positive ways, such as seeking and finding one-of-a-kind accessories and clothing items that nobody else has… and in not so positive ways, such as ending up with a wardrobe with many ‘orphans’ that simply don’t play nicely with other items in the INFJ closet.

I’m Listening

INFJs are excellent listeners in many aspects of their lives, but this applies to the style arena as well.  When they encounter a trusted source – a store attendant who ‘gets’ them, a stylish friend who has their best interests at heart, or a professional image adviser who takes the right care with them – they will listen very attentively to the style input they are being given… and they’ll act on it.

The Subtle Stylist, INFJ: The Style Enigma

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INFJs Make Their Own Style Rules

As a resolution (vs possibilities) seeking NF, INFJs will look to define for themselves a set of style rules and parameters that will keep them safe.  Not always knowing what doesn’t work until they’ve worn it, these rules are developed through trial and error, and once chosen, will never be abandoned or broken.  The stylish INFJ knows that to break her own rules will result in unhappy purchases and wastage – two things she’ll avoid at great cost.

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