This is Why You Can’t Box in INFPs Style

INFP style and approach to style - INFP Style Type

Navigating through life with a strong inner core of values, the INFP style essence balances the eclectic with the necessary.  The INFP sense of style is often unconventional and the INFP herself may be relatively unconcerned about what’s expected – which is very interesting especially when it bumps up against required norms of dressing and presenting oneself.  This is where the INFP’s sense of principles can suffer some difficulty, trying to meld into an environment which doesn’t quite fit them.

INFP Style Essence

INFPs are True to Themselves

Being true to themselves is never so important as it is to an INFP.  Their entire world is founded on their sense of values and purpose resulting in a code and a character that quietly yet firmly stands true.  Style-wise this can result in choices which make sense to few except the INFP herself… which is often just fine by her.

Style Inspired

The stylish INFP who has embraced style as a worthy pursuit or passion draws on a wealth of inspiration to create her look.  She seeks inspiration, she is an inspiration, she sees inspiration all around her, and inside of herself.  She’s her own style muse, and even though she may appreciate the style of others, she never borrows or emulates another’s style.  There’s an uncommon quality to the style of an inspired INFP.

INFPs are Quirky

INFPs are not only comfortable with the quirky but often require it.  To be creative in other aspects of their life, their style must be creative in some way or another.  There’s an imaginative, often original element to their style.  It may sometimes defy quantification or categorization, or even belief.  It may be fun, it may be flirty, it may be freaky, it may be fabulous.  Whatever it is, you won’t buy the look in toto from any store you’ll find on the high street or in the mall, that’s for sure.

The Quirky Stylist, INFP: The Style Original

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Free Range INFP Style

As a possibilities (vs resolution) seeking NF, INFPs like to keep their options open – who knows what fantastic opportunity might appear if the door is left open?  Style-wise, this can result in a free-range look.  But underpinning this is a strong coherent core, an integral congruence.  INFPs might sometimes look flighty but they’re strong – make no mistake about it.

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