Style Original INFP Strengths

Style Original INFPs have a driving need for authenticity in all aspects of their life, including their style

The Style Original INFP approach – to life, to style — is often unconventional and the INFP herself may be relatively unconcerned about what others expect of her in the style arena. Navigating through life with a strong inner core of values, INFPs know what is important to them, and they build their entire life on this basis. The INFP style is characterized by the following.


Congruence between their inner selves (values, beliefs, what is most important) and outer expression is an integral part of the Style Original INFP DNA. Asking a Style Original INFP to ignore or put aside her values and core beliefs is like asking her to stop breathing, which is why corporate dress codes and other imposed forms of appearance can be so difficult for the Style Original INFP.

This is one of the imprints of Introverted Feeling. The Style Original INFP needs to feel a connection to how she is expressing herself, that what she’s wearing is truly “her” – otherwise, she’s adrift.

Dare to be Different

Often artistic in other areas, whether that’s a traditional form of artistic expression such as painting, or more an attitude of artistic living, the stylishly advanced Style Original INFP wants to show this aesthetic appreciation to the world in some way. There’s no formula to how stylish Style Original INFPs do this – it’s one of the hallmarks of being an INFP, it’s all unique! – but we know for sure that the Style Original INFP will never borrow from or emulate the style of others – she’ll create it all herself.

One of our INFP reviewers has a look that literally resembles a form of art, her outfits are extraordinarily intricate and beautiful, so thoughtfully composed, and so very original – you can’t imagine another soul wearing what she’s pulled together (and looks stunning in). And yet another has a less noticeably artsy look, but is nonetheless stylish on her own terms.

A La Mode

Like other iNtuitives, Style Original INFPs don’t seek to follow established trends or externally set rules. It’s too constraining and goes against the grain – they want to take leaps into the unknown, make it up as they go along, or decide for themselves what parameters they’ll choose to style themselves within.


It’s impossible to talk about Style Original INFPs without using the word authentic. It’s one of the most often terms connected with this style type. It doesn’t belong exclusively to them – other NFs and NPs also seek this particular flavor of authenticity.

This may show up in an obviously arty outfit – unusual color combinations, style pieces from bygone eras (hats, gloves), an adherence to a style emblem such as everything being floaty and flowing – or it may be something you simply cannot see with the naked eye. But the Style Original INFP knows she’s ‘connected’, she’s authentic, she’s being true to who she really is.

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