How Does the INTPs Innate Striving for Excellence Impact Their Style?

INTP style and their approach to style, INTP Style Type

Complex and unconventional thinkers, INTPs revel in gathering knowledge and thinking thoughts nobody else does.  The INTP style essence balances a need for original thinking and striking an independent path, with wanting to be accepted and appreciated for the contemplative contributions they make to any field they set their (rather large) minds to. Moving out of a state of style unawareness can be the first big leap, which can be no small feat for the INTP who isn’t yet convinced style is a deserving direction to take.  Finding a style that isn’t a cookie cutter copy of someone else’s look is the next big step a stylish INTP to make if she’s to feel truly herself.

INTP Style Essence

INTPs Strive for Excellence

Striving for excellence in many things but particularly in the quality of their thinking and analysis, stylish INTPs examine the style framework for its value before plunging into the application of style to themselves.  First and foremost, there must be a good, logical, non-fluffy, verified and proven reason for style to be paid attention to.

INTPs Analyze Style

INTPs approach many things in their life with an analytical bent.  Things are rarely if ever, accepted at face value (and if they appear to be, it’s because they’re actually being ignored, not accepted at any value).  Applied to style, this can manifest in the INTP wanting to understand the framework underpinning any style system she is scrutinizing; once it passes muster, she’ll then happily adopt the style principles set forth, and possibly enjoy it a great deal.

Nuanced and Novel

Possibilities focused, the stylish INTP seeks a nuanced and novel look, which expresses something important about who she is, what she stands for, and how she goes about her life.  This may sound straightforward but can be challenging for the INTP who is first starting on her style journey, navigating as she does through the complex theory, traveling through the minefield of what she “should” be wearing, to finally enter the advanced landscape of making herself her best style muse.

The Complex Stylist, INTP: The Style Theorist

What's the style essence of an INTP? Discover how INTPs approach style and make it their own


Skilled at noticing distinctions in things that others may blur together, INTPs can place a categorization system onto almost anything.  When directed at style, the stylish INTP can create for herself a style system, possibly quite an intricate and involved one, based on a logical framework, that works perfectly for her.  No guessing required.   

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