Style Theorist INTP Strengths

Style Theorist INTP has a sincere and considered approach to life - and style

Style Theorist INTPs savor the process of gathering knowledge and thinking thoughts nobody else does. With their unconventional approach to many things in life, style can be an intricate pathway to traverse for the Style Theorist INTP wanting to have her ideas accepted. The Style Theorist INTP style strengths intrigue and demand exploration.

Connecting the Dots

Not only do Style Theorist INTPs connect the dots, they discover the dots in the first place. The innovative, independent way they think, applied to style, means they are seeking an internal structure – one with rigor and sound solid logical verified basis – they can rely on. This is the hallmark of Introverted Thinking. Without this solid basis, style is all smoke, sequins, and mirrors, isn’t it?

What we end up seeing in the Style Theorist INTP style is the result of all that quality thinking: A look that is coherent, unique in some way, and original to them. This may mean wearing skinny jeans in your 70s or making op shop purchases sparkle as your only form of shopping. Without these strong underpinnings, the Style Theorist INTP style will always be on shaky ground.


Pulling ideas apart before putting the worthy ones back together is a hallmark of the Style Theorist INTP approach, other NTs are quite good at this too, especially ENTPs. From a style perspective, this translates into the stylish INTP seeking to understand the complexity of any style system she’s pondering using. Don’t ask the Style Theorist INTP to simply accept an accepted version of or approach to style – there’s no quicker way to turn off that wonderful brain than ask it to stop thinking.

Sincerely Yours

The stylishly advanced Style Theorist INTP knows she must first understand, then apply theories of style to herself. The worst thing she can do is attempt a cookie cutter copy of someone else’s style – she’ll never feel like herself, and this sense of being an imposter will infiltrate her whole way of being.

Whether it’s embracing the grey of her hair or deciding it’s the color purple she wishes to embrace as her signature style, expressing her sincere style essence will make the Style Theorist INTP shine. First though, she must discover this essence for herself – nobody can tell it to her.

Something A Little Bit Different

Not ones to go overboard on the “different” front, Style Theorist INTPs will enjoy wearing something unexpected or unusual for them. Other NPs have this requirement of their style in a similar way, too. One of our INTP reviewers said that even if it’s a pair of simple silver earrings purchased on her travels, she enjoys these nuanced style touches that have personal significance to her.

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